Trichy to Ooty with My Family



Day 1
I here to share my trip experience to ooty; that was the first time we are going to ooty  from trichy  with my family. Actually we people are from Trichy. We planned for 3 day trip to ooty. we started from Trichy by train to mettupalayam.we reached mettupalayam around 6:00 AM. That was a slight drizzling morning there in mettupalayam. My friend booked toy train ticket for us. And also we booked a cab for 3 days from Aaditya travels, booking toy train that was really a difficult task to get ticket instantly for toy train.thats why we booked ticket a month before because my friend had an experience of disappointment without getting tickets. The train started from mettupalayam by 7:00 AM. My family was very excited because of the toy train. Train was started slowly, my child enjoying a lot. The view from the train,to the hills was such a wonderful experience during the journey we can saw many serene locations. That was a real visual treat for us. The slowness of the train was also an advantage for us because we can enjoy each and every seconds the colourful birds, greeny surrounding and also with taking pics. During the train travel we saw many monkeys and some bison’s climbing on the hills. Finally we reached coonoor junction, our cab was waiting for us, from there we went to a restaurant nearby junction, had our breakfast, the time was around 11:15 am ,then we planned  to visit Sim’s park it was just 2 km from hotel,we reached park, got entry 3 tickets and went inside the park gives a colorful environment with varieties of flowers, then we move to dolphins nose birds view point, it looks so deep hills, there we buy some colorful caps to make play ,Throwing Cap Game by throwing the cap by my sons hand,it was too fun,my wife took cute snaps that we were throwing the caps , then we moving to Rallia dam ,on the way to dam ,we can find high field tea plantations ,my wife wise to make sit our son on the Tea plantation field and take a snap,so we stop our car and took snaps ,nearby we saw a coffee and Tea Manufacturing shop ,there we buy some delicious tea and coffee powder with different flavor, we went to hotel for lunch at 3pm, then we plan to visit hidden valley, it is a broad waterfalls where we can play, wet in falling chill water and then we went to st.catherine falls it was a huge waterfalls ,took some snaps and from there we went to lambs rock there we saw some birds ,and monkeys ,we went to dolphin view point ,the nature hills looks like dolphins nose at 6:00 pm, at 7:30pm we reached Lakeview resort Ooty ,it was near to Ooty lake, there we booked rooms for 3 days,we had our dinner and reached our room feels as sleep.

Day 2
Ooty is the place which having unique climate and location , In ooty we can feel very chill climate and beauty of hills it was just an outstanding. Ooty is the place of nature ,In which filled with plenty of plant species, rare animal and bird species .we can able to see here, the main attraction of Ooty such as the mountains, long trees colorful flowers and vegetables… Hotel was good with all facilities, they provide all our needs. From our hotel we can saw lots of serene location,which is best for movie shooting. That is also a big advantage of the hotel. We had our breakfast from our hotel itself.,our cab arrived. We started to enjoy our trip in ooty,at first we planned to visit ooty botanical garden, shooting point ,upper bhavani ,Doddabeta and Ooty Lake,.first we started from ooty botanical garden.the garden which has 22 acres of area holds for that garden. In the garden rare species of plantations and flowers, that was a flower show time, in botanical garden ,there they arranged for flower exhibition we could find various designs and structures are designed by flowers that was awesome to watch and took some unforgettable photos. Here we can saw plenty variety of roses too.if u come to botanical garden u can defiantly excited about beauty of nature as well as Ooty. My child were enjoying a lot. After spending few hours, we had our lunch at nearby hotel.

we moved to upper bhavani lake,it was a famous lake . we can able to see wolfs and deer’s etc,but we didn’t saw any animals in upper bhavani

we start moving towards Doddabeta.we reached Doddbeta peak at 3:15pm, it is a highest mountain in the Nilgiri peak. Just 9 km from ooty, there is telescope house, in which we can see the full view of beautiful “Queen of Hills” looks very pretty through telescope and then we return back to Ooty, went Ooty Lake at 5:30 pm and then took 3 tickets and went boating, the view of the lake was outstanding there we can able to see the hills which are connected with the lake, the view was entirely unique from other lakes. which were in the ooty.we went to lake park, here lot of instruments are there for children, my son play about an hour at that time we took rest and saw my child enjoying,. then we went boat ride at 6:10 P M its really lot of fun that too enjoying with my son and wife, having some hot and spicy corn and finally Nearer to lake, horse riding is available my son went for a horse ride ,then we return back to our hotel at 9:30 pm had our dinner, slept well

Day 3

The chillness was high at the time of 8:00 am, it was morning we had our breakfast at our hotel itself. we planned to visit mudumalai wild life sanctuary and bandipur national park and mukurthi national park,first we move towards Mudumalai ,so we took Pykara via we went to shooting point, the place which has lush green surface for long distance, here many film shootings are done, that’s why it has the name as shooting point. it was real entertainment for my child and my lovely wife ,they enjoyed a lot ,that was also an picnic spot for the school kids of ooty. We reached Mudumalai wild life sanctuary at 11;30am. We reached elephant camp ,there we saw lots of elephants in the riverside ,some elephants having their food at camp and baby elephant was a playing  and we saw many monkeys roaming here and there across the road sides and also we saw peacock flying upon the trees, then at 2:00 pm we went to hotel nearby had our lunch, at 3 pm, The Safari is a good attraction for the tourist ,In Mudumalai the safari office is located at the junction , from there available Deep jungle trucking .we got 3 tickets in the office ,the safari into 10 km drive like a inside the jungle. There is no advance booking safari at Mudumalai. we got tickets for forest site view trucking, there we saw a leopard and a drinking water, then we saw colorful birds are flying inside the jungle , and from there the safari van start moving towards Bandipur National Park at 4:35pm,it is a reserve forest area of Karnataka state, Mysore road, there we saw various types of spotted deer nearby roadsides, Indian elephants and white peacock, colorful  peacocks, snakes, varieties of monkeys, rabbit ,colorful bird’s, gaurs and numerous other species at 6:30pm we reached Mudumalai then we start our  return trip to Ooty ,we were so tired that’s why we rushed our hotel little earlier ,In hotel itself we had our dinner ,finally the trip was such great for me and my family.


Day 4


Early morning 7am we start our return trip to Trichy ,we came Mettupalayam by cab, from there we took train for our return journey



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