Sightseeing places in munnar

Sightseeing places in munnar is in 4 directions


  • MATTUPETTY: 12 km

Mattupetty dam is approximately 12 km from munnar town. It is situated at an altitude of 1700m above the sea level and is highly famous for the Indo-Swiss live stock projects. The dam is the perfect spot to see hundred ranges of high yielding cattle nurtured. Close to the Dam is a beautiful lake, which is a well known tourist spot in the area. It offers boating facilities. The tourists are permitted to see three cattle sheds at the farm out of the eleven cattle sheds. The Mattupetti dam as well as the lake is at close proximity from the farm and is a very charming picnic spot.

  • Echo point:15 km

Echo point is situated 15km from munnar town and is an admirable adventure destination for the tourists. Some of the popular activities in this picturesque destination among the explicit views of the lush green hills are trekking and nature walks. An appropriate place to disembark for some time, shriek and scream and enjoy the pleasure of your voice coming back. This is best enjoyed by the youngsters. With a panoramic view, clean mountain air, mist clad hills makes this place worth visiting. The silence is simply disturbed by the visitors at echo point for few seconds and once again everything is normal.

  • Kundala:20 km

Located around 20 km from munnar town, this arch dam with its natural surroundings is a major attraction of Munnar. From the top of the Dam, tourists can have a panoramic view of the natural greens. Adjoining to the Dam is the beautiful lake with boating facilities.
The lake is surrounded by the picturesque mountain slopes of tea garden. Going for a ride in Kashmiri-Shikara boat on the lake would be a marvelous experience. Besides, the lake has also pedal boat facilities.

  • Top station:44 km

Top Station is 44 km from munnar town, and is appropriately named. This is the main abode to the highest tea plantations of India. It takes one hour to reach Top Station from Munnar.It is located on the borders of both the states, Kerala as well as Tamilnadu and dictates an absolute panoramic view. Tourists keep visiting top station as it is in the Theni district of Tamil Nadu and Idukki district of Kerala. It is at an altitude of 1700 meters. This area is famous for exceptional flowers such as Neelakurinji flowers. Neelakurunji, which blooms once in 12 years. This flower adds double fragrance to Full Munnar Tea plantation making Hill blue in Colour. Last time, it has bloomed in the year 2006. Buses ply frequently between Munnar and Top Station. Its not advisable to visit Top station between June to October as the roads become slippery.




  • Rajamala(eravikulam national park):12 km

The Eravikulam National Park was created to preserve the Nilgiri Tahr, a rare species of the wild goats found only in the south of the Himalayas.This park is abundantly rich with shola forests and grasses, and is yet fairly new as it was after construction in 1978. The park is sited in the Idukki district. It is located on the borders of Kerala and Tamilnadu.The history says that during the British rule, this region was owned by Rajamalai and Eravikulam, and then it was given to Kannan Deven Hills for tea plantation. Later it was declared as sanctuary and was founded in 1975 and upgraded as national park in 1978.Some of the animals spotted here are Elephant, Nilgiri langur, Nilgiri marten, small-clawed otter and a rare tiger or leopard and the Nilgiri wood pigeon.

  • Tea museum:3 km

A very popular tourist attraction in Munnar, Tata Tea Museum is located around 2 km from Munnar in Nallathanni Estate of Tata Tea. The museum showcases various antiquities and the most famous among them is the burial urn excavated from the vicinity of Periakanal Estate, dating back to 2nd century. Curious, old photographs and machinery are also displayed in the museum. For the tourists, to get a glimpse into the history and culture of the region, a video presentation is screened here.

  • Marayoor sandal wood forest:40 km

Marayoor is a distinct place with enchanting beauty and culture. Sandal wood, paddy, rocky hills, rivers, cave temples, waterfalls, and many more make Marayoor an unforgettable place. It is located 40 km from Munnar.Marayoor is opulent with natural beauty as well as wildlife. This place proclaims to be of the Stone Age civilization. Its caves, engravings, rich heritage are evidences of its past wealth.Traveling Marayoor is like passing the history with nature and adventure. It is yet a pristine place than Munnar as this is not frequently visited by the tourists.There are enough accommodation facilities, vehicles, tour guides and good and delicious food available.




  • Pothanmedu view point:5 km

This view point offers the spectacular views of the tea, coffee and cardamom plantations of the place. With stretching hills, lush green mountains and pleasing scenic environs, it serves an ideal place for trekkers and hikers. In fact, a perfect place for adventure lovers and those who have an eye for photography.

  • Attukkal water falls:10 km

A panorama of waterfalls and rolling hills attukkal,located between munnar and pallivasal,is a feast for the eyes .The  place is also ideal for long treks




  • Lock heart gap.9 km

This is an ideal place for adventure tourism and trekking. The fresh mountain air, the mist-clad hills and panoramic view make it worthy of a visit


  • Koluukumalai            

Thirty-five km outside of Munnar, India, the Kolukkumalai Tea Estate is built high atop the precipitous ridge that rises above the plains of Tamilnadu. At about 8,000 feet above sea level, this is the highest tea estate in the world. Known for its excellent, flavorsome teas, this estate is also known for its panoramic views and the for the rugged mountains that surround it.It’s remote – it takes about 90 minutes to reach Kolukkumalai from Munnar – but on clear nights, you can see Kodaikanal from the estate because of its height.



  • Powerhouse water falls:12 km

The water falls on the way to thekkady from munnar is cascades down a steep rock 2000mtr above the sea level. The spot is enriched with the scenic western mountain ranges, and is an ideal place for a break on the way to the periyar wild life sanctuary in thekkady


  • Anayirankal :20 km

Surrounded by lash tea plantations and evergreen forests, Anayirankal is situated at a distance of around 22km from munnar. A visit to the splendid reservoir and the anayirankal dam gives excellent views


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