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IMG-20160413-WA0018IMG-20160416-WA0001IMG-20160416-WA0002IMG-20160416-WA0008IMG-20160416-WA0013IMG-20160416-WA0010IMG-20160416-WA0009IMG-20160416-WA0011IMG-20160416-WA0015IMG-20160416-WA0016IMG-20160416-WA0017IMG-20160416-WA0024IMG-20160416-WA0031IMG-20160416-WA0033IMG-20160416-WA0038IMG-20160416-WA0034IMG-20160416-WA0032IMG-20160416-WA0030IMG-20160425-WA0010IMG-20160420-WA0015IMG-20160420-WA0014IMG-20160420-WA0013IMG-20160420-WA0004IMG-20160419-WA0010IMG-20160417-WA0007IMG-20160413-WA0008IMG-20160413-WA0009IMG-20160413-WA0010IMG-20160413-WA0012IMG-20160413-WA0013I’m an army man. For my work’s nature I have travelled a lot. I’m also a football player and played in MEG (Madras Engineering Group). This game gave big chances to travel and explore places. To play matches I have travelled all over India, covering Delhi, Kerala, Ooty and Kashmir.

After the matches I usually take time to explore the places around. So, following is some of such experiences I got in various parts of India.

India is no doubt a diversified country. Every part is unique. Every part tells a different story and depicts a new culture. North India, Middle India and South India..  All have their different identity, traditional, traits, food, culture and of course the natural environment and the wilderness. The ecosystem of South India is totally different from North India.

Kashmir- The ‘sartaj’ of India. Located in top most part of India it is also the coolest part. The highest altitude and best visited for its mountaineering and skiing. It is popular for the pilgrimages as people from everywhere come to visit Amarnath temple located here. There are many adventurous acvities held here in every winter and summer season. Mountaineering and trekking are the famous sports here. Kashmir is also famous for its apple and saffron plantations.IMG-20160426-WA0010

Delhi- the head state and the capital of our country is one of hottest and coolest places in India, but still people are attracted towards it making it one of most visited places in India. The reason why it is so much attracted and visited is its architecture. The monuments like Kutumb Minar, Jama Masjid, Red fort, Jantar Matar, India Gate, Humayun ka Maqbara, Lotus temple are some of the most popular places in Delhi. They are best examples of good architecture. These also portray the life style of Mughals. The Tajmahal in Agra near Delhi is one such beautiful place to visit. The elegance and the royalty in the architecture of the Tajmahal is really appreciate able.

Ooty- one of the coolest place in Tamilnadu and popular among honeymooners. Ooty is very much famous for its serene and green environment. It is also famous its lakes and hill top views. The Government run Botanical garden and Rose garden are other reasons why Ooty is loves by all.

Kerala- God’s own country. Green green everywhere. Tea estates, misty mountains, curvy roads, elephants, backwaters and china fishing nets are the brand ambassadors of Kerala. One could never miss house boat ride in backwaters of Alleppey. Trekking in Munnar, Thekkady, Wayanad and other hill stations makes it a dream destination. Kerala is best when visited during the festivals. It makes feel the real essence of nature and the culture of Keralites.

Wonderla (Kochi): Recently with my family I went Wonderla in Kochi. One of the big water theme parks of India. It has many water and dry attractions. My kids enjoyed in kids ride while my wife and I enjoyed in thrill rides. Every ride is allowed with some rules. Water rides are the most attraction among all the rides. This is the best place to go during summer holidays, especially with family.

So, here are some pictures of mine taken at various such places or parts of India.

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