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    Hello Friends
    Am sharing my wonderful tour experience with my family from Chennai to Alleppey

    My dad,my mom,my grany,my little brother and myself starts our holiday trip to Alleppey from Chennai ,through alappuzha express @ night 8:45pm from central Railway Station our journey starts and at the next day morning 7:00 am we reached cochin junction ,from their we came out of junction ,our booked cab was waiting for us ,by the cab we travel through the place alvey ,we reached our hotel wild corridor, it nearby thekkady, we booked room for 3 days and 3 nights, then went to our rooms,we refresh up then came to the restaurant. we finished our breakfast at our hotel restaurant at 10:30and we decide to visit thekkady ,it was such a amazing tourist sport where famous in Kerala which is near to periyar wildlife sanctuary ,it is a beautiful photo spot The place looks amazing ,there we spend some amazing time with my family, took some beautiful snaps of our family with scenery . Then We planned for an boat ride, we got the tickets, then we brought some spicy snacks for the boat trip, we really had a great time ,we also had mangos with salt and spicy the cool temperature feels us to spend the whole day to stay there , at 2:30 pm.we all feels hungry We went to had lunch nearby boathouse resort ,the Kerala fish carry was delicious then at 3:30 pm we plan to visit periyar national park, then at 4 pm we reached the park, on the way to the park we saw many monkeys,then got tickets and went inside the park there we saw many elephants,deer and some colourful birds, the whole day we had lots of fun with our family at 8:40 am we return to our hotel then had our dinner at restaurant then went to our room, the first day ends with full of joy

    The 2nd day we planned to visit alauppuzha beach and boat house ,so in the morning we start early at 7:30 am from our hotel. we went to a Kerala restaurant to had our breakfast at 8:30 am ,there ordered some kerala special dishes kappa,iddappam with kadala kari and we brought some Kerala special snacks such naeinthra chips and then. At 10 am we reached alauppuzha beach.we went to sea shore,we sit with our family then we all played anthaksary,then my dad,my sister and myself were playing volley ball in the sea shore sand, my mom grandma,and my little brother went near by park.make my brother playing there, we tooks some family snaps and then we went to light house that stands nearby beach, At 1:20 pm to went to alleppey boat house ,it just 10min travel from alappuzha beach.we took tickets for for boat ride and for food too,the facility in the boat accomadation was mindblowing , we all had a delicious kerala rice with chicken gravy and fish fry, feels very comfortable with boat accomadation ,and the back water covered with coconut trees ,its serene location ,we really feels wants to stay there for sometimes but the sad thinkg we have to move from there to visit krishnapuram palace at kayamkulam in was built in the period of 18 th century by anizham thirunal marthanda varma kingdom .then near by palace we all went to have some tender coconut and from there we went to shopping we brought make dress,handcrafted bags,gift iteams,etc at night 8:15 pm we return to our hotel, then we went to our room ordered food to our room itself and we had our dinner then we all are sitting in the garden discuss the next the planning, the 2nd day ends with full of shopping .

    The 3 rd day we planned to visit famous Nehru trophy boat race at 8am. we finished our breakfast at our hotel restaurant and on the way we decide to visit vembanad lake. It was one of longest lake in Asia 2,033 km sq ,there we spend some beautiful time with my family there we went to icecream parlour had delicious family pack icecream delight then at 1:00 pm we went to parthiramanal island. It was a fabulous shooting spot. It was a small island of Kerala near’s has a other nameThe sands of night. The scenery was amazing of both side lake covered with coconut trees.At 2:40 pm we went near by hotel for lunch. We had delicious non veg lunch with kerala rice.then at 4:00 pm we reached punnamada lake at alappuzha .there we spend some time with my family took beautiful snaps then we saw vallam kalai boat game held in that was a very amazing boat race famously called asThe Nehru Trophy. It’ s really good boat race ,we enjoyed a lot took the boat racing videos.At 7:40 pm we went near by hotel for have some tea and hot snacks ,it was too good, then we decided to go back to our hotel because we all feels so tired. we start return to our hotel, we reached our hotel at 8:35 pm .we had our dinner at hotel and went to our room took rest for sometimes then at night 10 pm, my dad arranged a camp fire at our hotel garden, we went there had some coffee and snacks, then we had a music then we all dancing through rounding the camp fire,also we conducted musical chair game nearby camp fire,it is a real entertainment. We took videos and photos of the great moment. .at 11:40 pm we went to bed.
    The 4 th. Day early morning we checkout our room and we start return to Chennai from alappuzha junction so we planned to reached the junction at sharp 6 am,because the train timing is 6:15 am.we start our return journey to Chennai in erunakulam express by the same booked First class ac coach, we brought Tiffin coffee ,water bottle and snacks at junction and had coffee and some Snacks at, and on the way at 8 am we had our Tiffin ,then at 1:15 pm at train stops in a junction for just 10 minutes, there my dad brought us lunch for everyone, then at 1:30 pm we start having lunch,after our lunch again we started playing with my dad, small brother, my sister and myself, then at 6 pm in the evening we reached Chennai junction, we all went to bakery and had coffee and hot snacks.finally to return back to our home at 6:40 pm.the trip was really good, we enjoyed lot with my family was an amazing trip ,for our next vocation plan to stay 8 to 10 days for Alleppey sightseeing

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