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    I’m a Keralite residing in Dubai. I work here and visit my native couple of times in a year depending upon the leave I have been given upon. I live at Feroke, Calicut with my parents. I’m 26 years old bachelor who loves traveling around the world, especially to the places where nature is of prime importance. I had visited many abroad places as a part of my business growth as well as to satisfy my needs. I have traveled Austria, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa as a part of my job. All these places have thought me the prime concept of being natural as it is the only origin of all the species. These places are so much endorsed with natural beauty. I have a profession which makes me choose destinations to travel to, to meet new clients, expansion of business and varied other factors play their roles. I’m a lone traveler and I would like to go to places I’ve never been or know of. It’s adventurous provided you have proper utilities to save yourself from without getting lost. After all traveling is what gives you inner peace and it comforts our soul. I’m writing this blog purely because I want other travelers to see the places I have traveled. Like all other field, travelers also have their forums and discussions and the travelogues play a major role for these purposes. I’m writing some brief memories from my trip.
    During my last visit to home, I had my friends planning a 3-day program to the place in Idukki district, the place they referred was insanely beauty which I realized only after going through google images. It was the time I’m not planning my own trip so I had many thoughts in my mind, whether to go or not go. I was confused to take up a decision. Later, I fell for the convincing powers of my fellow friends. The place Munnar is in its own the best place for a change in our day-to-day life. It takes so much from us, our tensions, our worries, sorrows; it wipes many of our depressions. The place is so refreshing and the greenery spread across valleys and lakes makes our mind float across the horizon. I packed up my bags and started traveling to the destination with my folks. We reached Munnar by evening; we had a car so traveling was hassle free. We took a more over a couple of pit stops for our basic need refreshments, sightseeing and eating local delicious street foods. We were four and each one of us shifted for wheels during our drive. It was a whopping 10-12 hours of stretch. We had our friend in Munnar so all our stay was arranged by our man. He had made our booking in Tea County resort through his influences. As our trip was around the season time, it was very difficult to get rooms. So, he made the rooms reserved for us. It was a lavish room; you can even call it a suite room. The size of the room was enormous and attached to it was the pleasant view providing balcony. As we crossed the Headworks (Check Dam), we began to feel the cold weather. The cold breezes were making us shiver due to its effect on us. We didn’t even have a single piece of woolen clothes for us which made the condition worse.
    We called our friend, took directions from him to reach his quarters. Vishnu, our man was working in the post office and is here since a long time, probably 8 years. He is elder to us and lives with his family. His family greeted us with hot tea and some hot meals to eat. After minutes of laughs, hugs and memory sharing, he accompanied us to the Resort he had booked for us. We entered through the gates towards and saw our resorts covered in the mist and fog. The sight was breathtaking, the lights of the hotel refracted through the fig particles and provided perfect scenario for photography. We parked our car and headed towards the hotel lobby. We rubbed our hands against each other to withstand the extreme chillness. We completed our formalities at the reception desk and moved further towards our allotted room. We checked on to the amenities provided by the resorts and were very grateful to Vishnu for making us arrange a pleasant stay. We were really obliged to him for his favors; he is a really optimistic and a happy person to be around.
    The place became dark and chillness wrapped the town in its wings and the fog became to drift into its role and soon the place was like we see in movies, full off fog and mist everywhere. I couldn’t even see the next building to the balcony of the hotel. It was so dense that my entire view from there was obstructed. All which was possibly seen was some good light effects from the resort lights. The resort stood almost at the center of the town yet at quite a distance from all the noises and obstructions. We drank some delicious vanilla tea which was brought up as a welcoming complimentary package along with a brochure to familiarize us with the tourist attractions of Munnar and its nearby places. It also included the access pass to the canteen facility and other recreational activities. The room had the fireplace and it was lit up with charcoal by the room service. This helped us with a nice warm feel and so relaxing to chill our body.
    Next day, we decided to follow the route map given to us from the reception desk last night. The first of it was Pothumedu, a place 13km from Munnar town. We took our car and drove to the spot. On route, we took a pause at the viewpoint. The route was exceptional, filled with serene views and tea plantations. We took as many pictures as possible and captured every moment of our happiness in the camera. We reached our spot and looked at the mesmerizing fog covered view of the Tagore Mount School, later we were into the thought of seeing it in one of the Malayalam movies. We peeked inside and walked through the ramps and corridors. It was magical; we could see the fog covering ourselves. It was unfortunately closed due to the lack of adequate admissions. The alumni of this school might have been really lucky to be at a place like this. It is a residential school; the hostel was later then given for rent to the engineering college students as their hostel. This information was given to us by the college students whom we met playing beneath to the school. We then sat over the rocks and ate our lunch we had grabbed from the town while filling the gasoline. The cold breeze striking our face was an experience on its own. We spent many of the hours talking about our lives and the beauty this place beholds. Later the day, we reached our hotel back and joined for the bonfire set up the authority to welcome their guests, there were light tone music too.
    The last day was well equipped as we had many places to cover; we rushed towards Devikulam and GAP road and took some snacks and tea from there. The best place about being here is the climate and fog covered roads. You feel so relaxed due to the calmness, it just carries you away. The view the GAP provides is incredibly beautiful. We are able to see the magnificent field view of the other close by state. We are at such a height that we feel like we are floating amidst the clouds. The place has many tourist attractions all throughout the year. We had our drinks and breakfast from the traveling van which provides the food for the people visiting over there. The place is so calm and the road is well conditioned too which makes us feel more attached to these places. The drive towards this place is really catching and one feels like to get down almost everywhere as these spots provide incredible photographic views. For me, this wasn’t first time views but for my friends it really was and I could see their reactions almost constantly. We spent our few hours talking over there and then drove towards Suryaneli. My cousin was doing his Hotel management course from here. It is popularily known by the name Munnar Catering College even though it is situated far from Munnar town. It is a very disciplined and a strict college and we needed to wait for few hours until we were allowed to meet him finally. We had brought him some homemade delicious, his favorites mostly. We talked and spent our time with him.
    We asked him about his life at the campus and his facilities. He seemed happy unless the strictness which he wasn’t used of. We waived him goodbye and left towards the college exit. It is small yet spacious and well-built institution. We reached Munnar town really quick as it was downstream and we needed to explore other places too. We quickly ate our lunch from the Surya Soma Restaurant and went towards the Mattupetty side. We surpassed the routes we had already traveled while going towards the Resort. After a few minutes of drive through fogs and mists, we finally reached Mattupetty Dam. We parked our car and walked the full stretch of the Dam. This dam was built long ago mainly to control water for agriculture and hydroelectricity generation. The boat safari was included as part to enhance tourism and many people were eagerly participating in the same. We ate some hot corns and drove to the Top station. We took our halt at the Kundala Dam, Unlike Mattupetty Dam, this was a much smaller dam, and we parked our vehicle before the dam structure and walked towards the grass. We saw horses and tourists were queuing themselves for getting a ride on them. We ourselves took 2 horses and it carried us for merely 10 minutes. The owner holds the ropes and pulls the horse with we sitting on top of it, on a cushioned leather. We later sat on the grass, played around, took funny photographs and spent our time doing nothing but fun activities. Around by 5, we headed towards Top station. It is the highest point mountain top of Munnar. We need to walk some distance from the park. We bought ourselves some tea and continued to walk briskly. The tea was really helping us to fight the cold of that place apart from our mufflers and caps. We reached the dead end and looked onto the vastly spread areas of close by state. The place is at such a height that one can only see the big objects and that too distinctly. The wind speed of this place is another factor, being in an open space, there is absolute no place for warmth. We were able to feel our hands after coming back for few minutes. There were many people who were posing extremely dangerously. Some were sitting on the cliff edges and taking photos.
    We then returned back to our room and it was dark already, we drove slow as these roads over here had sudden turns and bends. We drove cautiously and reached safe back at the room. We were very tired and thereby immediately grabbed our dinner and winded up our day for a new start tomorrow.

    On the next day, we woke well in time to go on for our next spot of the trip. We headed towards the place called Marayoor, we dropped in between for a visit to the Eravikulam National park. It is one of the World Heritage site approved by USENCO. There were many tourists from the entire world. We waited in the queue to get the tickets towards a bus ride to the top of the mountain. It was an amazing road trip towards the top of mountains. We reached the top most part and we were dropped there. We then had to walk few more so as to reach the total allowed heights. As all other places, this place also gave us with some incredible view our eyes can never forget. We saw Nilgiri Tahr on our way to the top and spent our good time there by chatting and clicking pictures of ours with the nature. We then headed towards to Marayoor, this place is about at the extreme towns of Kerala-TamilNadu border areas. Most of the populations of this place are tamilians and hence it literally feels like we have come to TamilNadu. On the way we saw Sandalwood trees well protected by tall fences to prevent robbery of these precious woods. We crossed the Chinnar wildlife reserve which was totally close to the nature. The both sides of the road were completely forests having all sorts of animals. We finally returned back after reaching the Kerala-TamilNadu border gates. We spent our time in the music program arranged by the hotel committees, which lasted for a couple of hours after which we headed to our room for the finish.

    After all these views, the day had come to say goodbye to this heaven on earth place, it was a thrilling experience we would never forget. The drive through the valleys, the fog and mist covered resort view, the spices; the breathtaking incredible views are all the biggest asset of this small place. It is truly a Kashmir of southern India. We flip through our photo albums of Munnar to let us know that some places even exist where our flora and fauna resides.

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