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    We planned a trip with family for 5 days. Am sharing Our Summer trip Experience to Ooty, myself, my dad, my mom and my little brother planned a trip to Ooty, We searched the destinations, travels for cab, hotels etc online. At this juncture Google proves to be a helpful one. We decided the hotels, the cab was decided and the places to be seen and dates finalized.
    We took flight to Coimbatore from Chennai where our driver with the cab was waiting for us. It was morning so we had breakfast of idli, dosa at a restaurant nearby. Then we were off towards Ooty. We took Coimbatore-Mettupalayam-Ooty route, from there we planned to go coonoor by baraliyar way, on the way we stop our car, took lots of snaps the hill views and serene locations, then we reached baraliyar waterfall ,we feels to have a shower but the police near the falls , they didn’t permit but we taped our feet in water took lots of selfies with my family, then we went nearby shop, had tender coconut and again we started towards coonoor we planned to visit Sim’s park at 11:15am, the park was filled with colorful and varieties of flowers we took lots of photograph, then we moving to Rallia dam took long sight pictures and we brought carrots with its plant and we all had and also took group photos, then we saw high field tea plantaion,we stopped our car then we move to in-between the tea plantation ,myself and my sister lying on the tea plantation ,my dad took photos, then we planned to visit dolphins nose hill view point so wonderful mountain view and we went to birds view point, it is a good serene location looks so deep view point, there we went to hotel nearby for lunch at 2:30pm, then we plan to visit hidden valley waterfalls there we can went inside waterfalls and had lots of fun, then we went to st.catherine falls ,we didn’t get the rangers permission so we went to lambs rock there to saw many birds took lots of snap, we reached Doddbeta peak at 3:25pm, it is a highest mountain which lies in the Nilgiri distict. Just 9 km from coonoor, there is a telescope house, in which we can see the beautiful of nature of whole Ooty that looks so pretty through telescope; our world is getting much and much more technological. The nature and the greeny surroundings are some excuses that bring the human soul back from the machines. Be grateful to God for we live in a country that is rich in nature. We still can see the green around us that saves us from being dumped into machines. India is very much a touristic place for its serene surrounding. Ooty being called “Queen of Hills” is such one place. It is loved for its climate and beautiful locate. Recently in such trip to Ooty I found out why it is called the “Queen of Hills’. We reached Ooty to night 8pm Dharshan Hotel; we booked rooms for three days, we got our room keys and we refresh our self and ordered our food to our room and had our dinner and slept well.

    It was the next day morning ,we wake up in the morning ,ordered coffee we all had a good coffee ,we get ready and had our breakfast at 9ck we planned to visit Botanical garden gives the pride of The Nilgiri colorful blossoms with lots of different variety gives us visual treat to mind, heart and soul. It was really amazing season there we took lots of beautiful snaps with my family in botanical garden and then we move to Rose garden at 11:30 am, each and every rose with colorful petals. Then we went to our hotel had our lunch, took rest for sometimes at evening we get ready we reached Ooty Lake at 5:30 pm and then took 5tickets and went boating, it was covered with all the four side with water and large trees and shrubs . then we start boating at 6 pm it was so fun enjoying with my family, having some hot snacks and chocolate coffee, it is so special in Ooty and finally we return back to our hotel at 9 pm had our dinner and we feels so tired we went to bed.

    It was the next day morning, we had our coffee with ghee varkei’s, it was a special snack at Ooty, then we started our trip to Pykara through golf club way, so we vacate our room at 7:00 AM and start our journey towards Pykara on the way ,we saw many horses and colorful birds and sheep’s, At 8 am we reached 6th mile,7th mile and shooting spot took lots of snaps with my family it was very beautiful to see the site scenes around the mountains, then we reach a hotel nearby had our lunch with chicken and fish dishes, we reach Pykara waterfalls by 3pm ,we took a cool shower in the waterfalls, we took lots of beautiful snaps over ,then at evening we went to Pykara boat house took 5 tickets at 6 pm, start our boat ride so wonderful ride at the evening sunset time ,full of serene location ,at 7:30 we return to our hotel had our dinner at the restaurant ,went to room and look all the pictures we took and we start wondering the beauty of Ooty and then we slept that night.
    The next day in planned to visit Emerald so in the morning we ordered breakfast and had, then we start towards emerald,9 am we reached ,it was a very mind-blowing serene location where the weather so chilled and pleasant ,we starts towards emerald dam at 9:30 am we got permission and went inside the EB area and sightseeing but there we are not able to take pictures, its prohibited in the dam area, even our guide told it was an amazing shooting spot and from there we went to avalanche lake ,such a wonderful area went near the lake took lots of snaps and also we played in the water, from there we went to Kamaraj Sagar dam, it was build in British period in India. It really looks so strong construction of the dam, nearby hotel we had our lunch, then we return to Ooty ,by 5 pm we reach stone house, it was first building construct in the period of British rule ,now it was the residence of govt art college principle and from there we went Thodas temple ,it was nearby stone house, it was very ancient temple build by Thoda tribes, the people who reside at Ooty hills ,At 8pm we reached our hotel and had our dinner and went our room feels as sleep.
    The next day morning, we planned to visit Mudumalai wild life sanctuary through the Kalatti way there we saw lots of spotted deer, bisons and beautiful peacock. We reached kalatti waterfalls, had a good shower took lots of snaps with my family ,then we start moving for site seeing to Mudumalai wild life sanctuary at 9am. We reached elephant camp at 10am,there we saw lots of elephants having their food at camp and baby elephant was a playing in the water tank camp and we saw many monkeys roaming here and there across the road and also we saw peacock flying upon the trees, then at 1:30 pm we went to hotel nearby had a good lunch, at 3 pm, The Safari is a good attraction for the tourist ,In Mudumalai the safari office is located at the junction , from there Deep jungle day time trucking .we got 5 tickets in the office ,the safari into 10 km drive like a inside the jungle. There is no advance booking safari at Mudumalai. It is always to be reaching the safari office at least half an hour before the safari start time to avoid any disappointment. we got tickets for forest site view trucking, there we saw a leopard and a cub sat upon the tree, then we saw colorful birds flying inside the jungle ,there we also saw gang of elephants inside the jungle and from there the safari van start moving towards Bandipur National Park at 4:35pm,it is a reserve forest area of Karnataka state, there we saw various types of spotted deer, harbors Indian elephants and white peacock, colorful peacocks, snakes, varieties of monkeys, rabbit ,colorful bird’s, gaurs(bison), antelopes and numerous other native species at 6:30pm we reached Mudumalai then we start our return trip to Ooty, we reached our hotel at 10:30pm had our dinner at our hotel restaurant felt so tired ,we reached our room slept pleasant.
    The final day morning we checked out our room,we packed all our baggage’s and start our return trip to Chennai through ooty- -Mettupalayam- Coimbatore. From Coimbatore sitra airport we took flight to Chennai,it was a good experience in Ooty being called “Queen of Hills” is such an wonderful place. It is loved for its climate and beautiful locate.

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