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    It was August, I had holidays after my quarterly internal exams. I insisted my dad to make a tour so that I can get relaxed (after a hectic exam section). So, my dad suggested Goa tour, as I was in love with Kerala already, so wanted to go once again (I found out to be cheap & best and c’mon there are lot of places to see in Kerala ). My dad amused, agreed. So, we planned a 4 day tour to Alleppey and Kumarakom this time.

    We booked Innova with the same travel agency which we booked previously with. They were so much handy and reliable. I liked the way driver explained all things, was very much informative. He was very honest and patient.

    So, after all the booking (also the houseboat in Alleppey ) things done, the day arrived. We landed at Kochi airport at 12.30 pm. We decided to stay in Kochi then proceed to Alleppey the next day. We were excited, especially me.
    The first day as we landed, our driver was looking for us; with a small meet up we straight away headed to our Hotel- Hotel Excellency. It was quite a good hotel. We had our lunch. We moved out abandoning our luggage in the room. We went to Fort Kochi. There we went to Mattancherry Palace. It portrayed a collection of royal things. There were huge paintings of Rajas of Kochi. We took time to read. There were many sections of the palace. We glanced through each. It was amusing. We spent nearly two hours there. Then, we moved out to walk in the Beach walkway. The wind was so much chill in spite of the bright sun. My sisters and me were playing and having fun while my mom & dad were following us. We took lot of pictures of us and also the foreigners. There were some fishermen who were catching fish with china nets. We bought ice cream and candy floss and sat in a bench. Suddenly my younger sister kissed me and said it was for the trip.
    It was evening when we felt hungry. We checked in to Oceanos (recommended by our driver). The restaurant looked different from outside. We ordered fish curry, prawns fry and rice. It took just 10 minutes to arrive. The server had a smile on his face each he looked at us.

    The food was yum. (Thanks to you driver ji) . With a stomachful, we wanted to head our hotel but, driver suggested that we can check our Lulu Mall before we go back. So, we drove to Lulu Mall. It was quite a good mall. We saw every type people there. we did some shopping too. Then, we headed back to our hotel for sleep.

    The next morning we moved to Alleppey. On way we had our breakfast of Appam and Veg Kurma. The Appam was a bit sweet (looked similar to dosa, but was in pure white) at Green Land Restaurant. Then, we headed to Alleppey. The surroundings were so good. We enjoyed every moment in the trip. My dad was talking to the driver all the way. We reached Alleppey at 11.30 am. We went straight to the backwaters bank where our Houseboat (Amrutham Houseboats) was waiting for us. Our check in time was 12.30 pm. we reached 10 minutes earlier. After a chit chat with our driver and leaving him we moved to our houseboat. We were so much excited. The staff in the boat was polite. He gave a big smile to us. He gave tender coconut to drink and offered lunch. We had lunch around 1.45 pm. it was typical malayali dish. But, was tasty. Our boat was moving slowly and steady on the waters. My dad went to sleep. While my mom, my sisters and me climbed up to the first floor to have more view. I must say, it was a lifetime time experience. The day went very well and thrilling.

    The next day it was a fine and magnificent morning. I woke up at the beautiful view of sunrise from the sea. Wow. A dream came true. After the breakfast, our boat stopped at the same place where we had started. Our driver was waiting for us. We had planned to do shopping after which we would be heading towards Kumarakom. Our driver took us the place we were can buy some sovereigns in reasonable price. After the shopping, we headed to Kumarakom. On the way, we stopped at Bird Sanctuary in Pathiramanal (for which we had to take a left on Alleppey-Kumarakom road). It was a narrow road. The sanctuary was not very big, but, worth seeing. There were many birds of different species. At the rear, we saw china nets, where fishermen were waiting to lift the nets. There was boating facility but we skipped that. After spending an hour or something we headed again to Kumarakom. We went through a small bridge. Our driver told it was the first bridge constructed on a lake (we were amazed). It was small but was notable. Crossing that we entered into Kumarakom. We stopped at Ashadom Multi Cuisine restaurant to have our lunch. Menu was rice with fish curry, fried fish and prawns. It was quite a heavy lunch. Then, we moved to our Hotel- Illikkalam Lake Resort. The room was spacey. We also went to a small sleep. In the evening, our room boy knocked door. He stood with a kettle of tea. After our refreshing tea at our greeny and scenic courtyard, we went for a walk outside. We walked for a while then, after a tour of our hotel, moved to dining hall for dinner.We were sitting and chit-chatting at our courtyard , when we realized it was late night, we went to sleep.

    The next day, after our breakfast we moved to do bank of Vembanad Lake to a boating. We booked ‘Shikara’ and it was a 2 hour boating. It was a different experience from that of Houseboat. The boating was smooth. We enjoyed the boating. It was calm and refreshing.

    After the boating we headed back to Kochi where we had our flight. It was an amazing and unforgettable experience as a whole. It never made me think of my college and studies even for a second. All thanks to my parents.. !!

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