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    We have been to Ooty many times, every time we get to see different things surrounding Ooty. OOty is a beautiful station, but not all, (actually everyone), visit all the places of attraction in Ooty. It might be because of lack of time or lack of planning. Most of the people see just s handful of places and come back. But, Ooty is a place which can be given a full two days and a half day alone, to take an entire full trip and visit each place.

    So, here’s list of the places that you can check out next time, when making a plan to Ooty:

    1. Ooty Mountain Railway or Heritage Rail: A proud of India, which has been, added to World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This is also widely called Nilgiri Mountain Railway. This railway connects three main stations, Mettupalayam to Ooty via Coonoor. Other famous stations are, Ketty, Wellington, Lovedale.

    2. Government Rose Garden: The most visited place in Ooty, located at a distance of approx 3 kms from Ooty city and at an height of 2200 metres. It got the familiarity for being the largest rose garden in India in terms of area and flora that is displayed here. It was established in the year of 1995, holding a collection of more than 20,000 varieties of roses. This rose garden is consists of all exotic kinds of roses. It has all colours and sizes of roses you can imagine.

    3. Ooty Botanical Garden: Another government run garden in Ooty, which is located at 5 kms from Ooty and at an height of 2200 mtrs. It’s a vast garden with an area of 22 acres. The garden is consists of a large variety of flora including, flowering plants, huge trees, ferns, etc.. It may take around 2 hours to have trip of this huge garden. At the end section from left, there are some uncommon trees like , a tree which has fossilized and is around 2 crore years old. The garden is always filled by tourists, however, every year the state government organizes an annual flower exhibition between the months of April-June.

    4. Doddabetta Peak and Tea Factory: The highest peak in Ooty/ Nilgiris and is at an altitude of approx. 2,600 mtrs. The road to Doddabetta Peak is very scenic one and risky too, because of curvy roads. This place is mostly covered with a thick fog making the tourists to reach hard. Once you reach the peak you will forget all the pain you took to climb. You can take a glimpse of the surroundings with a telescope that is placed (when the sky is clear).

    5. Doddabetta Tea Factory is another great attraction in Ooty. It lies in the way of Doddabetta peak. This place is fully covered with forests thus, making it ideal for sightseeing. The entrance fee for the factory is just Rs. 5 that makes you to get in, in a very cheap price. The factory is a good place to know all the methods and procedures in Tea processing. At the end of the trip you will be offered with a cup of hot tea.

    Adjacent to the factory there are some shops for Nilgiri oils (eucalyptus oil) and a chocolate shop.

    6. Ooty Lake: The major attraction in Ooty. Most of the people reach Ooty to take a ride of a boat in Ooty. Though the lake is an artificial one, it has attracted tourists for its beauty that surrounds it. There are many kinds of boating like: Motor boat, row boat, pedal boat. The boating in this lake is the best experience. Sometimes the boating is closed due to the rains.

    7. Pykara waterfalls, dam and lake: The best part of Ooty. this heavy torrent of water is located at distance of 21 kms from Ooty city. You may have to walk a while to reach this place. But, once you reach you may be filled with extra excitement seeing the waters flowing down with a huge roar. Avoid the falls when there is heavy rain, as, the water level rises and may make you fall for it.

    Pykara lake: it is located at a km distance from Pykara Falls. So, don’t miss it, when you visit Pykara falls. This place is mostly calm and ideal place for boating. The boating is allowed by Kashmiri Boat, motor boats, speed boats and row boats.

    8. 5th, 6th, 7th and 9th mile: These places are located at the exact distance of 5th, 6th, 7th and 9th mile from Ooty city. 6th, 7th and 9th mile are famous among the movie makers and are frequently visited by people from Cine world for shooting, thus called widely ‘shooting point’. These places are also ideal for honeymooners as these provide a serene and quiet surrounding. The place is wholly covered with teak forests making it extra beautiful and the best place for photo shoots too.

    9. Bandipur and Mudumalai Tiger reserve/ National Park: The 2 natural reserves that are allowed for visits. These places are must-see ones when you are in Ooty.

    Bandipur and Mudumalai both are in different directions but lie in same reserve. It’s just a matter of location. Both can be reached via Gudalur from Ooty or you can take Masinagudi, Theppakadu route to reach Bandipur.

    Bandipur has more numbers of fauna than Mudumalai, but both are visit able and recommendable.

    10. Mukurti National Park: A natural reserve that is prohibited from visitations. But, can be accessed with a proper prior permission. These permissions are granted on special category basis, like students for trekking, documentation (on payable) etc. This park is reserved for Nilgiri Tahrs (an endangered species of wild goat).

    11. Kalhatti falls: This falls is another beautiful falls, though not visited by many people. This waterfalls lies in district of Chikmagalur and in Kalhatti Village. This falls is mainly visited by local people for the temple that is located at this falls.

    12. Emerald lake: This lake located at a distance of 25 kms from Ooty on Ooty-Majoor route is worth visiting. Surrounded with a peace and calm nature, this lake is very good as a picnic spot. The place is also called Silent Valley as the place is located in an isolated place and mostly calm and quiet. You can also find many types of flora, thus, attracts botanists towards the lake. Once reached it is difficult to leave the place.

    13. Avalanche Lake: Located at just 1 km from Emerald Lake, is kind of identical to Emerald lake. People get confused between these two lakes. Both have their own beauty and quality. This lake gives a great view of the landscapes that surrounds it.

    14. Wax world Museum: It may not be that famous but, you can visit this museum as it is just 1.6 kms away from Ooty. Visit this museum for the personalities it displays like: Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru ji etc. There are 20 such statues of the personalities from history. It also portrays about Indian History and its culture.

    15. Deer park: A zoo kind of park of a hill station that frequently spots deer and other some animals. This park is located near the Ooty lake. Visit this place to relax amidst the nature.

    16. Toda huts: These huts belong to the original dwellers of Ooty. They were called Toda, a tribal community. There are only few such huts remain in Ooty. If you have time visit those to know the culture and way of life of the Todas. Some people from community still are living but the numbers are very few. These huts are located at a hill above the Botanical garden.

    17. St. Stephen church: A very old church that dates back to 19th Century. Visit this church to have a look at the architectural beauty of this church. Visited by Christians and non-Christians equally, this church has become a great attraction of Ooty.

    These are some of must-see places in Ooty. I would suggest not to make a day trip or a couple of days stay at Ooty including Coonoor rather give a whole 2 days and half day to Ooty and the other half to Coonoor. If you can give a full day to Heritage train that starts fro Mettupalayam and takes almost a day to reach Ooty.

    Hope this helps.. 🙂 Happy Journey..

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