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    I am going to share my experience of trip to ooty.this is the first I am going to ooty with my family.Actually we people are from Chennai.we planned for 3 day trip to ooty.we started from Chennai by train to mettupalayam.we reached mettupalayam around 6:00 AM.that was a plesent morning there in mettu palayam.we booked toy train ticket for us by my friend.that was a difficult task to get ticket instantly for toy train.thats why we booked ticket,because I have an experience of not getting ticket.the train started from mettu palayam by 7:00 AM.my family was very excited because of the toy train.train was started ,my children enjoyed lot.the view from train of hill was such a great experience during the travel we can saw many natural beauties.that was a real eye treat for us.the slowness of the train was also an advantage for us because we enjoyed each and every seconds.during the train travel we saw many deers and many elephants.that was real enjoyment.finally we went ooty,and we booked a room at hotel SANJAY.
    Ooty is the place which having unique climate and located 7,400 feet above the sea level.in ooty we can feel very different climate and beauty of hill was outstanding.ooty is the place naturally which has plenty of plant species and rare animal,brid specious we can able to see here.the main attraction of ooty is the mountains.it makes more beauty to ooty.we booked 2 rooms for us.hotel was nice.the provide all our needs.from our hotel we can saw many natural sceneries.that is also an advantage for that hotel.we ate our break fast from our hotel itself.We booked a cab for 3 days from ram travels.cab arrived. We started to enjoy our trip in ooty.first we planned to visit ooty botanical garden, ooty lake ,shooting point and upper bhavani.first we started from ooty botanical garden.the garden which has the 22 acres of area holds for that garden.here rare species of plantations and flowers were show cased for the tourists.
    That was a season time,in botanical garden arranged for flower exhibition,here various designs and structures are designed by flower,that was beauty to watch and male some unforgettable photos.here we can saw plenty variety of roses too, these roses are build by here only. monkey’s puzzle tree is the most interesting event in the botanical garden,because in that tree monkey cannot climb,that was very interesting.the border of the garden was designed by few plants and flower spices.that was very beautiful to watch. if u come to botanical garden u can definely excited about beauty of nature.my children are enjoyed lot.after spending few hours,we ate our lunch from hotel saravana.After that we planned to visit ooty lake,ooty lalke is hub for the visitors,that was really awesome to watch.during the summer here boat races are also organized by the government,that time here you may expect more crown than regular days.at the end of boat house there is children park here many entertainment events arranged for the child,here main attraction was toy train which is placed very nearer to ooty boat house.the ooty lake was surrounded by lush green plants of eucalyptus,the lake was a scenic delight of large jungles.that was really fantastic to watch.we went ooty lake that was large and make us very cool.we went to boating about one hour,during boating the experience was entirely outstanding.in boating we can click more beauty of nature.nearer to lake,horse riding is available my children went to horse ride.the chillness was high at the time of 4:00 PM itself.boating was great,we moved to upper bhavani here also lake is famous here we can able to see wolfs and deers etc,but we didn’t saw any animals.in upper bhavani the view of the lake was outstanding here able to see the hills which are connected with the lake,the view was entirely unique from other lakes which are in the ooty.we went to lake park,here lot of instruments are there for children,they play about an hour at that we took rest,and saw my children how they enjoyimg that was nice feeling for me. After that we went to shooting point,the place which has lush green surface for long distance, here many film shootings are done,that’s why it got the name as shooting point.it was real entertainment for children they enjoyed lot more,that was an also picnic spoot too.we are very tired that’s why we went hotel little earlier in hotel itself we had ou dinner ,day1 was such great a day for me and my family.DAY2 we planned to visit mudumalai wild life sanctuary and rajiv Gandhi national park ,mukurthi national park
    Our driver was be on time ,we first planned to visit mudumalai wildlife sanctuary,the way to sanctuary was very quit and polite.in mudumalai wildlife sanctuary famous for elephants here we can able to saw plenty of elephans. But here plenty of animal species are maintained animals like Langur, bonnet macaque, tiger, leopard, wild dog, hyena, jackal, sloth bear, elephants, gaur, sambar, spotted deer, Indian muntjac, mouse deer, wild boar, rodent and flying squirrel are part of the wildlife in Mudumalai. in that mudumali wild life sanctuary there is an elephant camp called “Theppakkadu”,this is a one of most popular elephant sanctuary in india. Nearer to wildlife sanctuatry the place called masanagudi here accomadation also provided by government of tamilnadu but we cannot stay over there our plan was preplanned, we had a great visit there,that was very thrilling. it gave real trekking experience for us .here also they are providing elephant savari around the forest. That was real happy for child.when ever I came here I move into forest by walk in some distance but with family that was not comfortable for me.we spent out time upto afternoon in mudumalai wildlife sanctuary. After completing our lunch we moved to rajiv Gandhi national park and mukurthi national park.actually these places are very good to trekking.we moved to rajiv Gandhi national park ,the place which is fully covered by lush green surface and plenty of plant species.we just visit that place and went surround rajiv Gandhi national park by car.Mukurthi national park is similar to rajiv Gandhi national park.the place are very good to trekking.mukurthi national park is situtated in between two hills of nilgris and Kollaribetta hills.
    if come here you can went some distance in forest by getting permission from officers.on the way we saw bandipur national park the place which has many of animal species like peacock,deers etc.the place which is located in between western ghats and nilgris hill.the views are speaking more then all other beauty. After spending few hours we went to emrald lake.emrald lake is part of silent valley ,the lake site was wonderful and it gave one of the best view with nilgris hill. In that lake chirping birds and ducks and other swimming spices are adding beauty for emrald lake.here we are waited upto sun set because here sunset and sunrise are spectacular view,during the sunset we took many photograph with that view. the place best for picnic,which has plenty of lush greens and mounded by various plant species.lake is fully covered by various view and here main attraction is boating.here numerous emrald lake is also famous for shooting spot.from here we took many photographs. it gave many views.all the beauty is by view of that lake.DAY2 was winded up with some demolish beauty of nature.
    On day3 we planned to visit pykara falls and doda betta .first we went to pykara falls,here dual beauty is there,pykara falls and pykara lake are more joyful for tourists.pykara falls is started from very highet mountain,the view of falls was very awesome.the lake was very clean and scenic lake in between the hills,thst was really comfortable for various views.here government rest house also provide for the comfortable view of the pykara falls and pykara lake. we clicked many snaps,here we ate many snacks like ice cream,special nilgiri corn,varkis etc..my children are enjoyed lot in pykara falls.after that we moved to pykara lake which represents own beauty of nature .we had a boating in pykara lake with my family. during in that lake many of them boating in that lake,all are prefer to boating in pykara lake.pykara lake has very large surface which is also managed in decent manner,here all facility were arranged in that pykara lake.after had our lunch we moved to doda betta.doda betta is highest mountain in tamil nadu.from here we can able see the whole ooty town.
    That is one of the famous in doda betta.in dota betta there is an availabity of telescope through that we saw the panoramic view of the surrounding eastern ghats and nilgris,that was great entertainment for us. My children are repeatly saw the views,the hill tower also available there. Doda betta peak was one of the icon of ooty because if any one come to ooty they definitely spend time in doda petta peak,that was one of the place all should watch.After that we went to avalanche lake,here which is similar ooty lake ,which provides entitrly unique view,that was the special in that lake. After that we planned to move Ketti Valley view which is palnned in coonoor road, it is the highest valley in world,the palce very cool and fully covered with lush surface.here main cultivation is vegetables and tea palnts .
    after spending few time we went to dolphin’s nose view point which is located in the height of 1000 feet from sea level.it is the special place in ooty if gave breathtaking view and the view of Catherine falls was quite interesting it makes very beauty dolphin’s nose view . on the way to dolphhin’s nose peak we enjoyed the view of tea plantations during the travel,that was great view for us,it is very unique from other view of tea plants . we return back to ooty town ans did some shoping is well.we purchased special snack of ooty” varkis” and some arts of ooty,the nilgiri oil, winter wear,here we got winter wears in cheap rate.we enjoyed lot more in ooty.we return back to hotel and cheked out at 5:00 PM . we got our train at 10:00 pm in coimbtore .the entire trip was great with my family.trip with my family was different from normal trip with friends thanks to ooty.the trip gave real experience of hill town with the numerous beauty of nature,At the evening time ooty road to Coimbatore was plesent view of every step was outstanding.The palce ooty was more comfortable for us.

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