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    Travelling is something that not only introduces the places to us but also ourselves to us. its a time given to self. I always like to travel and search for new places, its a kind of rejuvenation of mind.

    Recently, I decided to go with my family for a trip, believe me, its not a bad idea. Family members can surprise you on trips.

    We decided to go Valparai, near Coimbatore for a day trip, but when realised it cannot covered within a day and need another day, we decided to skip the trip. But, thanks to tripadvisor and Indiamike (travel forum) where we not only got suggestion for a place but also a travel guy who arranged the trip for us (arrangement of cab and etc.)

    The place was- Nelliyampathy. Not much people know about this place (like we didn’t). It’s a small hill station that can be reached by Palakkad or Coimbatore. we took Coimbatore- Walayar bypass road. Its a long stretch that covers many small villages in between. Venlanthavalam being the border of Tamilnadu and Kerala followed by Kozhipara, Chittur, Nallepilly, Koduvayur and Nemmara.

    The road towards Nemmara from Chittur gives an amazing view, with those green rice fields, coconut trees, every house here has a garden, small canals, bazaars/markets, small restaurants or of course chai wala’s.

    Kerala is a beautiful state and are beautiful the things it holds. Nelliyampathy is definitely one of them. it was in a distance of around 100 km from Coimbatore.

    Koduvayur and Nemmara are two little big places than other places. These are more crowded and occupied by all stuff shops. Off we were into Nemmara- Nelliyampathy highway.. when we stopped at Pothundi dam. It was one of the oldest dams in India. The water was sufficient enough for the irrigation to the surrounding villages, the main purpose why this dam was being constructed. It is one of attractions, where people spend time before Nelliyampathy.

    Soon after this dam, there is a check post belonged to Kerala Forest Department. They were very much concerned about our return by evening (in daylight). This check post is kind of an entrance to a vast forest that is mostly covered by tea and coffee plantations.

    This surpass will give you the panoramic mountain ranges and terrains. We stopped at least half a dozen of time in between to capture the view. We also witnessed some little streams along the road, some very high and scary.

    If you have luck, you can spot some wild gaur, wild boar, langurs, red big wild squirrel or lion tailed macaque. As, we travelled up in the hills, we saw the beautiful view of Pothundi dam at the base. It looked amazing.

    Then, we reached a two way junction. It is called Kaikatti Junction. The left way was to Nelliyampathy while the right towards the factory and other sightseeing.

    We first decided to take the left road. In a 5 minutes of drive, we saw orange farms at both sides. Some were at enough close distance that one could pluck them. Then, some tea estates and there we found coffee farm. No sight was to miss.

    We reached small hill town called Nelliyampathy.

    We drove straight to Seetharkundu. The both sides of road, was coffee plantations that led to Seetharkundu. With a little narrow road and within thick plantations we reached the spot. We parked our vehicle and walked through the rocky path towards the place. There were tea plantations at both the side. The view through these tea plantations was adorable. After a 5-6 minute walk we reached the spot. The view from this place was astounding. We were at the top of everything. It was great feeling. Though the view may make some giddy but worth visiting. From here we saw the whole town and villages including the Malampuzha and Pothundi dam. At some places the clouds were covering. There is a rocky way, though which we could have a one way trek around the hill. We walked to some while and found a perfect place to shoot pictures. At some places looking down from the corner scared us.

    After spending enough time there, we got back to our vehicle and got going to the other sightseeing called Kesavanpara.

    We drove down the hill. This time it was the other road. We drove through small village, where people were busy with their work. We again reached Nelliyampathy. We stopped at a local restaurant to have our food (we were already late for lunch).

    After lunch, we found that to reach Kesavanpara, we had to take the right side road from Kaikatti junction. So, we drove back to Kaikatti and took the road that went to right side. This road is mostly accompanied by tea estates at both sides. Everywhere you can see hoardings of POABS organic farm. Then, we stopped at AVT tea factory. We went to the reception and asked permission to get a look inside the factory. They first denied and then they gave permission to see the tea estate. So, walked in the tea estate and the guy who accompanied us gave a brief description about the tea making. We took some pictures.kesavan para is located opposite of the tea factory.

    Then, we asked him about reaching Manpara. He gave a look at my parents and said, both the places require heavy jeep trekking and walking. They may suit my parents. Also, he told we were late for the places, and even if we go for jeep trekking they may take 2-3 hours just in travel and reaching there by walk may take some more time.

    So, we decided to skip the places and definitely save both alone for next trip.

    We made our way back to Nemmara and then Coimbatore. As, the sun was setting down, Nelliyampathy looked even more beautiful. No wonder why it is attracting tourists.

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