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    Hai Friends am sharing my family trip to Ooty from Mettupalayam

    My dad, mom, brother and I started our holiday trip to Ooty from Mettupalayam, it was early morning and the climate was chill near the junction. We saw the mist spread as a white bedspread on the green grass, felt good, then we all went to the bakery ordered coffee and drank, then we went to reception to check the train timings and we had already booked tickets in Nilgiri Heritage Train (mostly famous as Ooty Toy Train) for 4 members. When the train arrived we boarded immediately. It started at 7:10 am moving towards the foot hills of Mettupalayam. It was very exciting journey and to looking over mountains very close up, it was very beautiful serene location, with cloudy environment with cool climate. On the way to Ooty, near Baraliyar we saw black coloured macaque, Nilgiri squirrel, took some long distance pics, in Lovedale we saw Lawrence international school which is one of the largest schools in Asia. We crossed Wellington and saw Defence Staff College, we saw defence training, the real joy travelling in toy train with our family reached Coonoor junction at 11:10 am, our booked cab was waiting outside the junction. We brought and ate spicy corn, wow superb with the cool climate.

    We went to restaurant nearby, had our breakfast and we visited Sim’s park it was near the junction. The park gives a peaceful surrounding with colourful flowers, then we went to Rallia dam where we saw tea estates and visited tea factory and witnessed the procedure of the manufacturing of tea powder. We bought some coffee fruit (cherry fruit) which was very yummy, then we moved to Dolphin’s nose birds view point there we bought some colourful caps and played with the cap, throwing inside the deep view point with my brother and dad. We went to hotel for lunch at 2pm, then we planned to visit Hidden valley waterfalls where we all had a good fun with my family playing in the water, and had a shower in the waterfalls and then we went to St. Catherine falls it was exciting to play at the waterfalls and we went to Lambs Rock Point, there to saw many colourful little birds and we went to Dolphin’s Nose Point, the hills looked like dolphins nose. From the viewpoint 5:30 pm we started towards Ooty. Then we went to restaurant and had some snacks and coffee. Then we went to boathouse at 6:00 pm, took 4 tickets and went for boating. It was covered with full of trees. It become getting dark while we started boating at 6:10 pm. It was really a lot of fun with my dad, mom and brother, we had some hot snacks and finally we went to Lakeview hotel at 8 pm, booked room for two nights and one day, there we had our dinner and went to our room to have a good night sleep.
    The second day early morning 8am,we had breakfast at a nearby hotel and we went to botanical garden brought 4 tickets and we went inside. There was full crowd because it was flower show, we really enjoyed lots of flower decorations, gave us pleasant to be there and took lots of beautiful pictures of flowers we brought snacks and had then we had a small walk around the botanical garden, saw lots of variety and colourful flowers, then at 3pm we came out of garden went Preethi Place restaurant had our lunch of delicious non-veg food and at 5pm we reached Rose Garden took 4 tickets, went inside saw lots varieties of roses with different colours, took as many photos with my dad, brother and mom. At 7 pm we went to ice-cream parlour had black forest cake and choc delight ice creams then we reached our hotel at 8:30 pm had dinner at buffet in our hotel restaurant, at 10 pm my dad arranged for fire camp we enjoyed with our family, myself playing guitar that I got from our hotel. At 11pm we went to our room and slept. The next day morning at 8:30 we got ready and checked out our room and had our breakfast at our hotel and started our journey return to Mettupalayam by cab. It was just two days trip the sad thing is tomorrow our school reopens but we enjoyed a lot in this trip.

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