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    Palakkad has some remarkable identities especially the -“ unique flower garden of Palakkad , spot of mountain tops , water supplier of the district, the vrindavan of kerala” – only one MALAMPUZHA DAM. Malampuzha is about 55kms away from Coimbatore . we planned towards Malampuzha. Me and friends altogether were 10 and arranged a Tempo traveler. The time was 7.30am when we started from coimbatore and traveled through “ Madukkarai – Kanjikode – Pudussery – Olavakkode, then reached Malampuzha. Traveling time was 1hr 15 minutes.

    The snake park of Malampuzha preserved for many years by the authorities gets the first look towards , by the people who reach Malampuzha. We also planned for the snake park at first. The entrance fee was Rs.10/head and stepped in through a narrow pathway handed over the ticket to the checker. Nearby the entrance the “colouful ones – smaller ones – longer ones – venemous and non venomous ones”were kept inside the glass houses and the description details were attached on the top of each glass house. Cobra, Vine snake , Common krait,Indian rock python were some among them.That pathway directed us towards a well and I looked inside to measure the quality of water. Hurray! I was shocked – that was not a well of water but instead well of snakes. I peeped in there were lots of Rat snakes , Vine snakes and many non-venemous varieties. Some were lying on the ground like threads and some took their position on the small tree top arranged inside. My friend was trying to drop a stone on the sleeping one but driver stopped him and pointed towards a board informing that disturbing snakes is strictly prohibited.

    A small pool comforted the stay of 3 crocodiles following this there was a grill house and a long tree inside. Different python race were enjoying their stay on the branches. Next was an aweful experience. There were two gigantic glass houses with a/c fittings – inside were properly cut off tree parts and logs.I saw the unusually thicken black rope lying for metres on one branch of the tree part. Sorry , mistaken the rope was slowly moving and the gorgeous KING COBRA raised its head and flattened. The scene was amazing. I snapped my photo infront of that glass house and keeping that as precious even now. Next was our breakfast time selected a nearby hotel then stepped towards the Malampuzha Udhyanam.

    The entrance itself conveyed the unique Malayalee culture. Paid the entrance fee and welcomed the breeze of flower garden. Beautifully trimmed grass lawn were having colorful flower varieties planted well. Many concrete rest houses were built here and there. People sat inside for food and snacks and were enjoying the garden beauty. Small pipe arrangements were showering water on the plants and lawn.

    Through the garden, driver leaded us towards a spring bridge. Fortunately the reservoir was filled to the full reservoir level( the capacity of the reservoir is 226mm3 at full reservoir level , FRL + 115.06m and a water spread area of 22sq.K+m.)

    and was opened . We witnessed the water flow through three canals like polished silver metal blocks. Passing this spring bridge there was a gigantic concrete sculpture of a woman called Yakshi done by Kanai Kunhiraman – the first sculptor to be awarded with Raja Ravi Varma Puraskaram . In Malayalam Yakshi means-the goddess.We went for the dam view through the Nehru street .The Malmpuzha irrigation project is the first large-scale irrigation system attempted in Kerala state and that resulted in the construction of a dam across the river malampuzha, a tributary of Bharathapuzha.

    The rope way office was situated at an end of this Nehru street and we approached the rope way office , bought tickets.In South India Malmpuzha dam is the only one picnic spot with active rope way service and this became the main feature that attracted crowd towards this spot.Three eye catching factors were the lush green lawn view on one side, water world of the reservoir on next side, light fog spreaded over hills on the third side. I was speechless on viewing altogether during the rope way journey. I peeped down deeply and understood that the audience were waving hands towards us to register their presence.Malampuzha presented a scenic feast on traveling through the rope way.

    Deeply enjoyed the rope way and turned back to the garden. We also occupied a concrete shed and had our packed lunch, bought from the hotel ouside. Roamed over the garden areas , there was a children’s park spread over 8 acres. The park had thrilling rides , merry – go- rounds, striking car,para trooper,pirate boat,scooter ride and caterpillar ride and similar entertainments to attract children. Spent time lavishly with the flowers,fountains , grass lawns, water pool carrying the statue of Lord Krishna at its middle,glittering pools, shadow spreading trees and the telescopic tower.The telescopic tower in the garden provides a terrestrial view of up to 40 miles.When we came out the time was 4.45pm.

    One more attraction of Malampuzha Udhyanam was the Aquarium outside.Inside the fish shaped aquarium there were the fish tanks of colourful fish families displayed beautifully. That was a good experience. Carrying these memories we landed coimbatore town at 9pm.

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    nice report

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