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    I’m from northern part of India and for me and my wife it was a honeymoon package. We had our plans for the eastern side of the map and happened to fix Kerala over them. We had one of our friends residing there in Thrissur and they helped us identify the places which dropped our jaws and made us choose Kerala is the thing. Out of the many places we were told about like Alappey, Thekkadi, we loved the place called Munnar belonging to Idukki district. This place stood at a height of 1600metres above sea level. It is a wonderful place, filled with colorful valleys, mists and fogs and one can feel this amazing chillness as soon you enter into its periphery. It is a town located in the Western Ghats range of Kerala state. We loved our stay in our hotel, our trips and camp stays. It was all in perfect sync and provided us with the perfect breakthrough to start our new life with a fresh start. We wanted this journey to be `remembered in our lifetime so we wanted some long stays, blessed climate, good vibes etc. I will just get into some brief things we did while we were having our perfect times at the perfect place. It all begins with our plan execution. Please bear with for my mistakes if any with the spellings.
    We landed on Cochin Int. Airport from Indira Gandhi Int. Airport in the morning flight and got ourselves the cab and visited my friend’s home at Thrissur. After a couple of days stay, we embarked our honeymoon travel to the most anticipated destination Munnar. It us took us roughly 6/7 hours to reach there, provided we took some breaks during our journey to take some pictures at the amazing spots we found. On our way, we took a couple of pictures from near the waterfall sites like Cheyyapara and Vallara and ate some local meals. The roads were beautiful as they had amazing forest occupied tall trees, shrebs and all other sort of plants on botht the sides. There were bamboo trees too. The place was moody and it felt like it was about to rain during our journey. It was the monsoon starting too, so some places over the roads had an amazing cold wind blows. It rained for a few minutes and then suddenly stopped; the wind might have taken it away. Some parts of the road were totally under fogs and mist and the driver was very cautious and safe with his driving. He was a well informed and experienced guy. We continued our roads through lots of curves and narrow lanes. We even passed through some of the cliff edged roads on the way towards Munnar.
    Prior to reaching Munnar, we halted at a town called Adimaly. The driver stated that this place marks the beginning of the high ranges and the entire place across are also called high range places, And reached the destination. We could feel the breeze, the chill weather; we rolled ourselves into our sweaters and made us feel comfortable. It was a lame evening at this spot, we felt lovely with this weather, and it was about to rain again I believe. We ate some snacks and a cold shake from the hotel nearby and continued our less than an hour journey. We reached our hotel and the driver took us directly into the hotel inside parking. I took out all our luggages and the lobby boy collected all the baggage into the shelf. I paid the driver off and he left pleasantly giving his card for any help while returning back. After some formal registration at the hotel premises we were given our room keys. We had our hotels prior booked otherwise it is very difficult to obtain a room at seasons.
    We had made our bookings through makemytrip, so it was a hassle-free operation after all. We reached our hotel room after which we took showers. Our complimentary meal was served. It was a flask of hot coffee and two wraps of sandwich. It was almost evening and the rain had taken its turn. Unlike in Noida, in here the rain is at a special angle of 45 degrees. There are many articles with the researches about the special effect to the rain. Over here in Munnar, the rain showers are light but are throughout, they don’t stop quickly. It just pours for some good hours. We further got ourselves some sweaters from our backpacks and got into the bed. We ended up our day soon as it was tiring one.
    We woke up late; an adequate travel lag was in our head. We drank coffee and sat on balcony facing the greenery for some chits and chats. We took our time there to talk with our family back home and gave them the brief stories about the place. We ordered our lunch into our room. We ordered a power packed lunch of Mutton Biryani and it was brought by the room service lady after about 20-30 minutes. After a heavy lunch, we rolled into the bed again. In the evening we went outside to the streets to buy some shall and hand gloves to fight the cold. We found some good quality woolen materials and hence bought for ourselves and for the family back in Noida. We took some cash from the ATM for further activities of this place. We came back to our room, kept the purchased things and I asked her to get ready. I had a surprised plan for her, a small candle light dinner at the hotel premises. I had requested for this to the Hotel manager while I was doing our bookings. We spent our night having candle dinner at the hotel and it was very romantic for both of us. She seemed very happy with the surprise as well as with the light violin music played by the choir arranged by the entertainment authorities of the hotel.
    Followed by this, we went on towards the camp night stay organized by the hotel especially for newly-weds. We were very thrilled and astonished with such a welcome treat. We felt truly kind towards them for making our stay amazing. We were given the sleeping mattress and a big lamp, we later found ourselves in the camp which had a mesmerizing view from inside. The camp was setup in the open field open to the clouds. We could see only few of the stars, rest were behind the clouds due to the rainy climate. The wind blowing’s made sounds while striking the tent. We rolled ourselves inside the mattress and sat across the tent and looked at the sky. We started to talk about the first time of our meeting to the time till now. We slowly fell in to the sleep, later then we closed the zips of the tents and slept properly. We cuddled each other and slept for the night.

    Next day, we woke up pretty normal and got ourselves some breakfast and searched for some local arears of interest, nearby places, as we didn’t want to travel miles for that day. We found Hydel Park, Pothamedu and a lot of tea plantations. We explored these places and had some great photos and selfies. Both the hydel park and pothamedu are in the same route, the former being approx. 3kms from Munnar town and the latter about 13kms. Hydel park is a place with lots of garden area, they have and amazing reservoir set-up which connects to the Check Dam. They have an entry ticket of rate 30/- per head. We walked inside the garden, rested there for some time. All year round, a flower show event is hosted in the Hydel Park, it is called Munnar flower Show and many toruists gather to witness various types of flowers brought from all the corners of the country as well continents. Hydel Park has many leisure activities for both kids and youths. It is well cleaned and maintained by the officials. We sat there almost till lunch time. We ate from the restaurant nearby inside the park.
    We then took our bike which we rented from the shop Jolly and Jolly. We were told about renting bikes and cars by our friend at Thrissur. We took it for rent at the rate of 600/- per day. We traveled from town to Hydel Park as well to Pothamedu in this bike itself. Pothamedu is a place having some quite natural tall trees which are about 50-100 years old and the environment of the place was perfectly silent. We enjoyed the view from top of a cliff, it was stunning and beautiful. We could see a small glimpse of a faraway dam. The day was going to be over; we rushed into our hotel rooms as rains have taken the place in the weather. We entered our room partially wet and then after all the cleanings we listed the places we shall visit the next day with the help of some brochures we collected from guides and internet, which included Munnar Tea Museum, Rose Garden, Mattupetty Dam, Kundala Dam and Top station, Vattavada. We even made our contacts to book on a night stay at the camp site at Top station after seeing it about it over the internet. We made our reservations for the next day.

    Later the next day, we began our journey into the places. They were all unique in their own features, it felt like every monument or pillar has something to convey to us. Some of these structures have their life for more than 5 decades back. Some locals said, they were built during East India Company rule and most of the tea plantations owned now by Tata and Kanan-Devan companies were built by British rulers. At the Tea museum, we found many pictures and collections of British people and their antiqics. There were pictures of various races, steam railway engine etc. It was like history seen through our eyes. We headed for another roll towards the places us googled on. We crossed through Mattupetty Dam, Kundala Dam; these places were so fabulous and mind-seeking. They provided us with everything we wanted to see; we were so into nature and felt by it. We spent some time getting into the boat safari at Mattupetty and enjoyed our joy ride. These dams were created for generating hydroelectric power and for agriculture purposes and some locals said, they were built to control the causes of flood. A flood had struck Munnar long decades back which wipped of many of its transport methods like the ropeways. We sat at a place near to the Kundala dam over the grass and just maintained silence to feel the nature.
    Finally, as it began to dark, we went on to the place called Vattavada surpassing Top station. As we were to spend our camp at Top station, we didn’t bother to explore it on the go instead we went to Vattavada, the pine trees were covering the roads on both sides and it was like some Hollywood places, it was really awesome to ride on from there. It was a complete forest road and we need to register our vehicle number before we enter the check post. Vattavada is a very calm and dense place, many people doesn’t know much about it. Only people who are into exploration travel these routes and luckily we found and read a blog in travellersmike.com which clearly emphasized the beauty of this place. We saw the strawberry farm and took some time at the place nearby called Koviloor. This place has dense Tamil populations and the houses all have unique yet similar patterns. We didn’t go deep inside the place yet we could feel similarlity merely by looking from outside.
    Later we returned to Top station, we did some beautiful sightseeing, we climed the structure built and saw the incredible view of open vast speces beneath us and then met our people who made the camping possible. They also have their camps at Elapetty, it is place on the way towards Top station. They together with us built our camp and brought us the necessary foods and sleeping materials. We stayed in the tent, looking at the stars and talking about home, the places, the nature etc. Later on, she was into tears saying “the precious moments like these comes only once in a lifetime and I’m glad that you’re a part of it”. We had the best honeymoon ever; it created a separate bond in ourselves. We feel more connected from within now. We woke next day and the cab arranged by the camp authorities brought us back to our room at the hotel.

    We packed our bags, took some last photographs and headed towards lobby for checking out. We finally came to the Cochin airport and were in the terminus. We went through the photos we took of the places we went, the nature and it was very refreshing. We wish to visit the place again in some other time. We wish to come here again in our life as it has a place of romance in our hearts. My advice as to all the couples who are planning their honeymoon trips, please ensure that it is a good and a secure place, as well as never forget to go for camping and a night out. Camping provides a different overall aspect to one’s life and it clearly changes the way we see ourselves. It just adds different sense to our as well our partners story. We just stay for quite long and remains marked throughtout.
    Feel free to write for any quiries or doubts regarding anything I’ve mentioned. Munnar, is one the must visit places in Kerala.

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