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    It was my mom who planned to visit flower show at Munnar after seeing an ad in newspaper. So, we made a 4 day trip to Munnar (April-26th -29th, 2015). My dad booked a cab from Coimbatore to Munnar.
    We reached Coimbatore Airport at 11.50 am, on 26th. We had our kind of lunch at airport. The driver (a middle-aged man with big moustache) was waiting for us. From here we directly moved to Munnar as my mom was so much desperate. We went through a city road with trees welcoming us at both sides. My mom was excited and my dad… (Staring at my mom) . It was fun watching them.
    On way our driver told there is Eravikulam National Park, but it would be crowded as, it is season time so we skipped the place and moved forward.
    We went through Udumalpet (there were many check posts and at each we paid Rs. 20) . My dad was talking with the driver. Mom and I were looking outside grabbing either side windows. Then via Marayoor, (which crosses through Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary) hoping to see elephants (but none showed up) we moved forward. We saw natural sandalwood forest for the first time.
    We reached Munnar at 5 in the evening. So, we decided to book a hotel and do sightseeing in local. We stayed at Archana Residency. The room was comfortable with bed a lot cosy.
    The next morning (on 27th) we visited flower show for which my mom made this whole plan. So, at around 10 we were reached the place. We stepped inside, the whole place was filled with tourists. My mom’s attention was on the plants and flowers. She kept pointing at the flowers and told their names (ohh, my mom knows lot about flowers). There were many exotic flowers. We saw hanging flowers, flamingo flower (in many colours), viola (of many colours), an exotic hibiscus (which was as big as my face) and etc. There was a lotus pond at the middle of the flower show. We took a family photo there. My mom’s wished fulfilled and she was happy.
    It was my dad’s and my turn to decide the place. I decided to move to Mattupetty dam. So, through the Munnar main city we went to Mattupetty dam. It was quiet place. The lake flowed calmly. I quickly stepped down to bank. My mom and dad were following slowly. The whole place was amazing. We took lot of pics and stayed for a while.
    The next place (suggested by our driver) we went was Echo point for boating. So, we reached there. It was mesmerizing view. There was boating but, was too much crowded. So, we moved to Kundala. Another lake, but, little crowded. I had bought candy floss, which flew away by the wind. From Kundala we came back to Munnar.
    The next day (on 28th), we prepared to return to Coimbatore (as our flight was at 7.55 am on 29th). On our way back, our driver suggested us to see Anamudi peak. So, we decided to go there. We had to drive upwards to reach this peak. It’s the highest peak in Western Ghats. The view was magnificent. We saw the range of green and brownish mountains covered with mist or clouds (don’t know exactly ) but was beautiful. The place was very cool. After staying for some time we drove towards Coimbatore.
    It was already dark when we reached Jenneys Residency at Coimbatore. We stayed overnight. The service was good. Then next morning back to Mumbai.

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