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    Hai dudes

    athenaI am going to share my wonderful trip to’ s an honeymoon trip with my wife to Munnar is a place located at kerala .we are from erode.we planned to start our journey by gurudev express train to kochin .we start our journey at 9:50am.we reached kochin at 2:42pm .we planned our trip for 5 days in munnar.we are so glad to visit munnar.we were much exciting about Kerala climate and Kerala special foods .we reached kochin at 2:45 pm.we hired a cab from aardra travels for our whole honeymoon was suggested by my cousin .he was studying in cousin intro Mr.vinoth was the tour operate,he arranged cab with driver was very nice person .his name was Mr.mani.and also Mr.vinoth arranged a guide, he is Mr.Agustin. he told many interesting spots in munnar. what are the places we were going to visit in munnar. On the way to munnar from kochi ,it was an amazing chilled climate with great views.munnar is located at 8000 feet above sea level kochin.on the way to munnar,the hills were covered with foggy and little uncomfortable for driver.On the hills we saw many hairpin bends, it was amazingly cute feel to travel with my wife. She really enjoying the climate and hill views it gave us a very thrilling experience. Then we had a special ellachi tea and hot snack at a bakery on the way to munnar. We decide to had our went to sliver spoon restaurant at NH 49 it was very delicious..then our guide told that the way to munnar two amazing water falls are there.then we move to hotel Tea valley resort ,it was located in the middle of the tea .we first went to valara water was entirely covered by green tress upon the large hills it was located iinside the wild life by the way to falls we were saw many monkeys, deers and beautiful our national bird peacock.
    We took many snaps over there.that was an fabulous ride inside the thick green forest .we had some hot snacks and black was an Kerala special snack.then we went to Cheeyappara waterfalls the place was quite with a pleasant sound of beautiful bird of different species .then we took some sweet memories photos, then we finally move to hotel.first we had our dinner it was kerala special tifen with Channa Masala.then we booked a room for 5 days at 9pm the rate was 8200 but for us just 6000 because of Mr.vinoth sir reference.the resort ,it was very comfortable with affordable cost and with each and every facilities we got our room and took rest,because we are so tired of site seeing 1st day was gone with wonderful waterfalls. 2nd day we get ready had our breakfast at 8amour hotel and we planned to go inside the tea plantation, we were very exciting with green tea shrubs, it really looks like a green bed on earth, my wife tried to sat on the shrub for a wonderful snap ,then we went a small walk inside the estate, then we also saw some rare blossoms on the trees, It was really very awesome.then at 11:30am we went to mattupetty dam which is located at idukki district, it is a India to conserve water for hydroelectricy production,it was in near to munnar,there we went for lunch at a Kerala resort, we had a delicious kerala meals with fish fry and fish gravy,after that we planned to visit eravikulam national park.,it is 97 km square national park located along the Western ghats of idduki,it was an 1st national park in Kerala.we reached the park at 5pm.The park was very beautiful there we saw many rare species of animals and birds, there we had some kulifi ice cream and snacks then we start moving towards our hotel at 9am,had our dinner and went back to our room. DAY2 was completed with very sweet memories.

    3rd day
    we planned to visit attukal water falls echo point AND photo point,at first we had our breakfast and start our trip to attukal water falls, it was 9 km from was very charming sceneries and fabulous water falls rolling in between the hills, then we went to photo point it was full of tea plantation and fully view point it was the amazing sceneries to capture good snaps with my sweet wife,then we went to near by hotel for lunch,had finished our lunch then we start moving to echo point, it is a scenic location, just 15 km from munnar in idukki district, it has it’s echo point name by it’s echo phenomena, myself and wife we both told our names the voice get echoes at all the four sides of the 3 pm we went to nyayamakad waterfalls located on the way to rajamala,10 km from munnar, it was an real natural treat to our 8pm we return back to our hotel, had a candle light dinner, it was very awesome, that too looking outsideview of the hotel at moon light, the 3rd day was end with nature retreat.
    4th day morning 8am we had our break fast at resort .we start our journey towards anamudi peak in Kerala. It is highest peak in western ghats and south India ,it was the area habitat of a unique frog raorchestes resplendent, it was an 2695m high mountain presented at eravikulam national park, then we visit devikulam hill station, it was a small hill station about 5 km from munnar in idukki district, 1800 meters above sea level, there we had our lunch at 1:15pm,then we went to the sita devi lake in devikulam ,it is a ideal picnic spot very familiar for trout fishing, there we had fresh fish fry near a small shop at sita devi lake our next plan was kolukki malai.We planned to visit kolukku malai night time we went to hotel had dinner 7:45,packed some snacks, water and cool drink, we wear some warm dresses for trekking .We came out of hotel at the time of 8:00 PM .we start our move to koluku mallai,we went few distance by our vehicle after that we cannot continue our journey with our vehicle,become for trekking there’s a specillay arranged vehicles survive because of the hill route ,there they charged 2500 Rs for trip.the night time trekking with the real feels more thrilling and cool climate .then we booked a room at koluku mallai estate.we enjoyed the whole night at the hills. We also had fire camp with beautiful light music, we four really enjoyed a lot. .the driver and guide was really a wonderful persons they were
    Very kind and more helpful to us in our food, accommodation and site scene 3 am we went to room for take rest,because the whole night we were enjoying the retreat of chilled climate with fire camp and music. 4 th day completed with amazing climate 5th day
    we wake up at 11:00 AM .the environment was marvellous the whole place was covered by various nature of green lush ,hills and foggy around the estate guest house,.that was fantastic view .we got freshed had finished our break fast.we went to take some wonderful snaps ,myself, my wife,driver mani and guide Austin, they told some beautiful story about the hills, rare animals and birds which are living at the hills. then we had coffee and snacks, then we return back to our hotel and had our lunch packed our luggage and baggage ,checked out our room and finally we visit thekkady ,it was 2 hours 20 min journey from munnar, it is the location of periyar national park, which is important tourist attraction in Kerala, there we went for boating, it was amazing scenery with fully surrounded my water there we saw some groups of elephant drinking water at the river bank,there we had tea and spicy snack, then we start our journey towards Cochin it was nearly 6 hours, on the way we had our dinner at a hotel, we reached Cochin at 1 am in early morning. Then we went to cherai beach resort,booked room one day,we took rest, 6 th day morning we wake up, refreshed had break fast, went to beach, we played near sea shores ,the resort view was amazing near beach, then came back room at 1pm had our lunch, checked out our room at 2 pm,we moved to railway station at 2:30 pm ,got our gurudev express train at 2:45pm, we start our journey towards erode.our honeymoon trip was mind blowing,really we both enjoyed a was an unforgettable sweet memories of kerala. We have a great trip, thanks to Mr.Vinoth and team for a great tour arrangement.

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