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    Udhagamandalam also called as Udhagai and Ooty is a Town in the Tamil Nadu state and it is located 80 km north of the Coimbatore City. It is belonged to The Nilgiris District. It is a popular Hill station. Its Natural beauty attracts tourists and popular summer destination.
    Originally occupied by the Toda, the area under the rule of East India Company at end of 18th century .The economy is based on Agriculture, Tourism, Photographic Movie and Manufacture of Medicines. The Town is connected by Nilgiri Mountain Railway.

    1. The Ooty Lake

    Ooty Lake is located in the Nilgiris District, It covers nearly 65 acres. The Boat House situated at the lake, it provides boating facilities to tourist, and it is one of major tourist attraction in Ooty.

    2. The Doddabetta

    Doddabetta is a highest Peak in the Nilgiri District at 2,637 metres high above the sea level.it is covers reserved forest area around the peak.It is just 9 km from Ooty. It is a highest mountain in the Nilgiri peak. Just 9 km from ooty, there is Telescope House, in which we can see the full view of beautiful “Queen of Hills” very pretty through telescope and it also feels that we can touch the queen of hills with our fingers

    3. The Rose Garden

    The Government Rose Garden, It is Situated on the slope of the Elk Hill of Ooty town. It extends over an area of 4 hectares; it is established at 20-5-1995 by the Government of Tamil Nadu. Hybrid Tea is an informal horticultural classification for group of garden roses. They are created by cross-breeding.

    4. The Black Thunder Theme Park

    In Mettupalayam there is a Theme Park,Black Thunder is a popular to tourist. We buy Tickets in the Ticket Counter for Rs.500 each (if we show our college id card, we will get concession) inside the theme park there is a ice – cream parlour , restaurant and If we went inside the theme park gate, there we can see two jokers ,they welcome us, inside the theme park we have separate changing room for ladies and gents to play in water games,also there we have lots of dry games can have lots of fun, then the waves games, it was really awesome, its exactly feels like playing in seashore and other games such as throwing ring on the boxes or gifts, balloon shooting games etc.,

    5. The Sim’s park
    Sim’s park is just 2 km from coonoor junction located at Nilgiris ,it is at a height of 1780 meters above mean sea level ,The maximum temperature goes upto 30 °C and minimum falls to 5 °C . The Park gives us colourful environment with varieties of flowers; it extends over an area of 12 hectares.
    Dolphin’s nose birds view point, it looks so deep hill view point, and there we buy some colourful caps to play the cap throwing game.

    6.The Rallia dam

    Rallia dam is a trek in the deep forest leads to most serene location, we can see high field tea Plantations and tea factory, can also buy some delicious tea and coffee powder with different flavour,the Dam water supply to the whole town as pure drinking water,one can also visit some rare animals and birds

    7. St. George’s Church

    St. George’s Church is an art of construction during the era of colonization, it was built in 1826. It often draws visitors from all over the world to appreciate the architecture. The beautiful church lies in the heart of the Ooty town.

    8. The Catherine Falls

    The double-cascaded waterfall, it was pleasant to hear water falling sounds has a scenic charm. The full view of these falls could be taken from the Dolphin’s nose.Catherine Falls are at a height of about 250 feet above sea level. The rainfalls enhance the beauty of the falls by making them more pure.

    9. The Dolphin’s nose

    Dolphin’s nose whereas you can also reach the top of the waterfall via road, dolphin nose was mind-blowing god’s creation nature, the hills exactly looks like dolphins nose is another attraction for the tourists. It is just 10 km from coonoor town. It provides a ravishing view of the heavy forests and the giant green mountains in the back drop.

    10. The Lamb’s Rock

    Lamb’s Rock Mimicking a lamb’s back this uneven rock placed in the middle. The rock is quieter than the Dolphin’s nose but takes your visions into the heavens of greenery. In lamb’s rock there to can see many birds,can also see the plains of Coimbatore and also to the tea and coffee plantations .

    11. The Shooting Spot

    To reach Pykara we can take golf club route, In Thala kuntha ,we can see lots of horses and colorful birds. In 6th mile, we can see lots of movie shooting are taken it was very beautiful to see the site scenes around the hills,we took many snaps over there, we can buy fresh carrot along with its light greeny plant. It looks very cute for seeing and for eating too. There we saw many horses and we can go for a horse ride. we can move to the top of the view point ,we can take photos ,by the photography who is giving the photos print immediately ,we see lots of sheep’s and horses eating fresh green grass upon the hills ,it was the real serene location for shooting.

    12. The Pykara

    Pykara is a village 19 kms from Ooty Town ,In Pykara boat house, provides us Boat Ride and reservoir is added attraction for tourist ,The Boat House is well protected fence ,The Pykara River is considered so sacred by the tribe Toda’s ,It rises at Mukurthi Peak,The river over a series of waterfalls is upto 180ft – 200ft,The falls approximately 6 kms from the main road, Pykara Dam water flows through Murkurti and Glenmorgan Dam and it forms a part of major role in Hydro-Electric Power Project

    13. The Mukurthi Peak

    It is located in westwards ,it is a 78.46 km square area located in The Nilgiris District of Western Ghats Mountain Range ,There we can see Toda settlements, large grassy meadows and good wild life habitat.Mukurthi National Park is Located and there we can found lots of Animals ,birds and other species.

    14. The Emerald

    Emerald is a very beautiful serene location where the weather and scenery gets changes every 5 seconds, in emerald there is a dam, which is a part of major role in Hydro-Electric Power Project and emerald lake looks like a snow bed on world, it was an amazing shooting spot too.

    15. The Avalanche Lake

    On the way to Avalanche Lake we can see st.lawrence school; it is Lake located 28 kms from The Nilgiris District.

    16. The Kamaraj Sagar dam

    Kamaraj Sagar dam, it was built in British govt’s rule in India. It really looks fantabulous to see such an old dam Construction.It is located 10 km distance from Ooty Town. It is a Picnic spot on the slopes of Wenlock Downs.

    17. The Government Botanical Garden

    The Government Botanical Garden is located in Ooty, It cover an area of around 22 hectares,lie on the lower slopes of Doddabetta Peak, It is maintained by the Tamil Nadu Horticulture Department .The garden temperatures are 28 °C to 0°C respectively.

    18. Stone House

    Stone House was first building construct in the period of British now it is residence of govt art college principle. It often visited by the tourist all over the world to appreciate the architecture.

    19. Toda’s Temple

    Toda’s Temple, it was very ancient temple build by tribes in The Nilgiris District, There we can see Toda settlements, large grassy meadows and good people.

    20. Mudumalai wild life

    To visit Mudumalai wild life sanctuary ,the best short route is Kalatti via there we visit Kalatti Waterfalls ,there we can found lots of black monkeys, spotted deer, bisons and beautiful peacock. we can take some cute snaps,it is reserve forest area ,there are some resorts ,we can refresh there for sometime,we will cross masinagudi,it is a small village via Ooty to Mudumalai.
    In Mudumalai wild life sanctuary they provide site seeing .There is a elephant camp there we saw lots of elephants ,and there is a small river flowing in Mudumalai ,In that we can see some baby elephants,monkeys playing at riverside , elephants eating food at camp and elephant was a priest at camp Ganesh temple, it’s look amazing to see the devotional thing with the animals and we saw many monkeys roaming beside the road and peacock flying across the roads sides and also tree to tree, we can get tickets for forest site view trucking, once in site seeing we may see leopard and a cub drinking water at riverside, then we see peacock dancing at the river side while it rains and colourful birds flying with wonderful sounds.It is a boundaries with two states Kerala and Karnataka .It is also declared as Tiger Reserve and divided into five ranges Masinagudi, Thepakadu, Mudumalai, Kargudi and Nellakota.There are at least 266 species of birds in the sanctuary.


    All photos taken from Web

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