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    Hello am going to share my four days family trip to kodaikanal from Coimbatore . Myself and my wife,two child.we all were reached Coimbatore junction at 6 am in morning there our ramu cab waiting at outside . We start our trip towards kodaikanal. It was a city located in hill of dindigul.we choose the best way for journey to kodaikanal is by roadways. On the way to kodaikanal we decide to visit the places from Coimbatore are echanari,Kinathukadavu,Pollachi and pallani.
    At first we went to hotel Aryaas near Coimbatore junction for our breakfast. There we had our breakfast and start moving towards echanari,at 7:15 am we reached echanari vishnu temple near karpagam university. We spend sometime at temple,the temple was very beautiful with many traditional sculpture and we took many photos other then we start our journey to kodaikanal from Coimbatore, near by kinathukadavu we saw wind mills , it really looks very awesome .
    There we get down and took some photos ,then we start our trip to pollachi,on the way we saw many coconut trees,peacocks on the agriculture land too.,at 8:40 am we reached pollachi,we all had tender coconut,sugarcane juice, we start our trip to pallani,at 10:20 am we reached pallani ,we reached hotel subam in palani , we refreshed over there and came to hotel for had breakfast then we came out of our hotel, our car waiting outside of the hotel, then we start moving towards palani murugan temple,we all have a great fun,we reached Idumban temple, we get down from car at foothills of idumbam temple and took a walk towards the Idumban temple ,reached the temple, have a peaceful prayer and took some beautiful snaps return back to idumban foot hills,then we went to saravana Pongai,ayakudi,madathukulam ,finally we came to palani murugan temple foothills,
    we got four tickets for rope car to climb the hills at 12:45 am. At 1: 00 pm we start climbing the hills by electrical train my children were enjoying a lot ,both sides of train beautiful herbal trees,blossom plants and shrubs are wonderful, it was a peaceful fragrance,chilled air and cooling climate too then we reached temple have a pleasant pray then we had our lunch at temple, we return back to foot hills of palani by walk at 6: 30pm we saw towards the palani temple, the lights looks over the hill was amazing to see at moon light,at the foothills of palani there is a durga devi temple we all went there had a small prayer then we had a ice cream and spicy snacks at 7:30 pm,we went for shopping at foothills of palani temple, we buy toys for my children, fancy items for my daughter and some dresses for all of then at 8:15pm we took a horse cart to go to our hotel, it was very fun to travel in horse cart, my childrens were having more fun,at 9am we reached our hotel, had our dinner,day 1was over with more fun.
    2nd day morning at 9am,We had our breakfast and we vacate our hotel and starts our journey towards kodaikanal,it was a 1 hr 45min journey, we reached The carlton luxury hotel it’s near to kodai lake view the way to kodaikanal we saw many monkeys,peacocks,deers and beautiful birds,we took nice nature photographs,we refresh at our hotel had our breakfast at 11:05am, then we first visit kodaikanal lake,it was a man made lake with 3:00 m depth, then we went to berijam lake, it was a very chilled climate, my children were enjoying the climate a lot,there we had some hot and spicy corn ,then we decided to visit bear shola falls .
    we have to get forest officer permission to visit there because the falls located in middle of the kodaikanal reserve forest,my friend’s father was an forest ranger in kodaikanal, so we got a chance to visit bear shola falls, there we took many beautiful snaps, at 2:15pm we had our lunch at our hotel then we visit kodaikanal solar observatory and kodaikanal golf club, it was a green grasses blanket ,at there myself and my wife sat on the green grassy, my children were playing with ring ball, then we all took some sweat memory snaps,there we had some chilled ice cream and hot snack then finally we visit vaigai dam, it was awesome to see the water falling with pleasant sound ,there we took some good snaps then at 7:35pm we return back to our hotel had dinner,the day 2 was over with nature treat.
    day 3 morning we vacate our hotel at 6:00 am and we start our trip to pollachi 128 km,it was a 3 hours journey, at 9:00 am we reached pollachi ,we went hotel saravana’s had our breakfast,then we reached to masaniamman ttemple at 10:20am, we took a holy bath at aliyar lake ,then we went into the temple for peaceful prayer and we return back to our car at 12:00pm then we went to Annamali wildlife sanctuary, there we saw lion tail monkeys,deer,camel,different birds, white peacocks,snakes etc ,then we went to a hotel for lunch, had our lunch at 2:00pm then we visit aaliyar dam ,at 2:45 pm we reached aaliyar dam got four tickets for getting into the aliyar park and we saw many flowers,artificial water falls, there we took many photos, and my children were playing inside the park then we walk inside the park,climbed a little grassy hills inside the aliyar park then we reached aaliyar dam ,it was very chilled climate with little rain, that the place where many film shooting taken, the films such as,kadhaluku mariyathai ,Jodi,masani etc ,then we went for boating ,it was very fun ,myself and my family was very exciting in boating we all were really enjoyed a lot and we return to aliyar park ,had some spicy mangos and cool drink at 5:30pm,then we visit monkey falls, it was very awesome place, we took many snaps then we visit aliyar river,it was very nice scenery ,the place where more movie shoot was taken there we took many snaps at 6:50 pm then we start moving towards Coimbatore at 7:30 pm we reached hotel Alangar Grande at 9:15pm,we booked a room,we refresh ourselves went to restaurant to had our dinner we return back to our room at 10:15pm,day 3 was over with exotic fun with my sweat family.
    day 4 we planned to visit isha yoga,morning at 6: 00 am we all get ready and start our trip to isha temple we reached isha yoga at 8:15am,we went to eternity moon restaurant at isha, we had our breakfast and move inside the isha yoga,at first we all handover our things, slipper and mobiles to safetyguard office, and there i filled a form,given both our mobiles then we receive a token. We start entering inside the isha yoga,at reception the isha yoga member welcome us then they asked us to watch a video clipping how to do prayer inside isha temple,then there is separate rooms available for taking bath, for both ladies and gents ,there they providing as separate dresses for every one to have a holy prayer inside the water polls mercury Siva lingam statue was presented.
    We can go inside ,have a peaceful prayer inside the water polls,it feels as payers inside a waterfall! ,then we crossed a water pond. Which is fully filled with big golden colour fishes,water snake,water Lily ,coins and lotus then we saw a large sized nanthi statue infront of isha,then we went inside the linga bairavi temple, finally we went to thiyana lingam meditation hall, we had a 15 minutes meditation/prayer inside the hall then we came out buy some holy laddu,then at 1:30pm we had our lunch at isha restaurant then return back to Coimbatore we decided to visit maruthamali temple.
    we reached maruthamalai murugan temple at 3:00 pm,first we went to adhimulam murugan temple, then we went to panjamugam vinayahar temple , then new temple,we went to sabthakanni temple ,finally we visit pambaitti sithar temple. We all had a peaceful prayer there ,the hills located around the maruthamali temple was wonderful, the Coimbatore view at maruthamalai temple looks like sky full of colourful stars and at 7:00pm we return back maruthamalai foothills had some fresh juices and snacks, we refresh there and we went to sidhaputhur Ayappan temple at 8:10 pm there we had a holy prayer, the temple was very beautiful with Kerala architecture and peaceful for prayer ,we return back to hotel at 9:30pm and had our dinner. The final day was peaceful day to my family. We enjoyed a lot, have a lot of fun,it’s going to be an unforgettable trip with my family.
    Day 5 we vacate our hotel, we start our journey to Chennai by train at 7:15am had a coffee and start our pleasant journey towards Chennai.

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