Erode – Rich Market for Turmeric and Textile

Erode is a district which is located in Tamil Nadu state and adjoining two district such as Karnataka and Tamil Nadu at the place called Thimbam with both states with in Fruitful relationship , Erode District is specially named as Manjal  Maanagaram. In Erode  district lots of Ancient Temple are there.


Turmeric Cultivation:

In Erode district Turmeric  is Cultivated in Large amount in and around of the Erode villages .It is a Large Market centre for Turmeric with Wholesale Rate and distributed to all over Tamil Nadu.


Textile Products:

Erode is very famous for Textile Products such as Handloom, Power loom and Readymade Garments. The Handloom and Power loom products that manufacture in Erode district such a Sarees , Towels, Bed Spreads, Carpets,  Lungies , Printed  Fabrics , Towels and Dhotis in Wholesale Rate.



Erode is Famous place where the Birth Place of  E.V.R. Periyar (Erode Venkata  Ramaswamy  Nayakkar ,Lovely named as Periyar was an Indian Freedom Fighter Who Starts The Self  Respect Movement or The Dravidian Movement


Theeran Chinnamalai Gounder  :

He is very famous one of the earliest freedom fighter who fought for The First War of Indian Independence. He was born in Mettupalayam near Chinnamalai, now the place in Erode District. In Erode the District Collector office is housed in Theeran Chinnamalai Maligai.

The  Erode Southern Railway Station:

The Erode Southern Railway station becomes a large Trading port,it plays a vital role  in our Tamil Nadu, in  all the Textile Products and Pulses are Transporting throw Southern Railways is in top of  trading all over Tamil Nadu.


Srinivasa Ramanujan :

The India’s Greatest Mathematical Geniuses was born in his grandmother house in a small village of Erode District. He made Great contributions to Analytical theory of numbers in Maths and he worked hard on Elliptic function, Continued fractions and infinite series.


The Bhavani Sagar Dam:

The Bhavani Sagar Dam is a dam is located at Sathyamangalam village  in the Erode District, It is one of the World Largest Dam ,which build in the year 1950’s, the Dam water supply to the whole town as pure drinking water, one can also visit some rare birds, it forms a part of major role in Hydro-Electric Power Project,

Nearby there is a small park consists of a little water closed water channel, where the kids can play in water, swim, and also inside the park a little boating channel, there we can get tickets and have a boat ride, play some dry games and in front of dam lots of fish shops available there we can have fresh dam fish food items.

Kodumudi paragadeswar Temple:

Kodumudi paragadeswar Temple is located for Lord Shiva; there are several literary works that praise the glory of this temple. This temple is said to be 6th or 7th Tevara Stalams in Kongu region, Inside the Temple there is a tree called vanni tree 3000 years ago old tree, The Temple is famous for Thosa Parigaram.

The nearest railway station is Karur and Erode. All the trains that pass to coimbatore from the southern part via trichy will stop at that station. The Temple very closer to the junction, in that small village Kodumudi the only famous thing is that Temple, from the Junction just 10 minutes walking distance


The Bhavani:

In Bhavani there is a location called  Kudutari ,where the three Tributaries of  River Cauvery that adjoining into one large River that flows into the Bhavani Sagar Dam. In Erode there is a village called Gobichettipalayam, Specially named as Little Kodampakam, where no of movie shooting are taken.

There is a village called Ammapetai, in which the womens Ornament Nose Pin is very famous. In bavani we can see large no of Sugarcane and Corn cultivation, From Bhavani Sagar Dam the water flows to Mettur Dam .


Sathyamangalam Wild Life Sanctuary:

It is located in Thalavadi Hills in the Erode District, It is located in between the two states Tamilnadu and Karnataka Boarder ,

It is a Reserve Forest Area ,where the Network  and Signals are Prohibited ,There we can See some Wild Animals Such as Wild Boar , Deer , Monkey,Elephants,Bisons,Tiger  and some rare Birds,Thalavadi is a Hills Area  called Thimbam,where the Climate resemble  to Ooty Hills.It is one of The Tiger Reserve Forest in Tamil Nadu.and also it is famous for a great  Sandle wood Smuggler Veerappan Crime History Related to This Sathyamangalam Wild Life Sanctuary.


Bannari Amman Temple:

The Bannari Amman Temple is located in NH 209 near Sathyamangalam in the Erode District, It is a Reserve Forest Area,It is a Amman Temple very Famous in both states Tamilnadu and Karnataka, and the peoples of surrounding villages has the Believe that the Amman is very Power Godless ,and the people who pass the Temple Will sure Worship the God.



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