Coimbatore to Ooty

Family Trip – Coimbatore to Ooty

We planned a 5 days family trip. Am sharing Our Family trip Experience

to Ooty, we are basically from Coimbatore myself, my wife and my little

Princess planned a trip to Ooty, We searched the destinations, travels for cab,

hotels etc online. At this juncture my friend helped me and I decided the hotels,

the cab was decided and the places to be seen and also the dates finalized.

We started our family trip to Ooty from Coimbatore by car with our

driver. We started our journey at 5 am in the early morning and at 7:30 am we

reached Mettupalayam and we get down for breakfast at Green View resort

nearby Black Thunder. We all had finished our breakfast, and then we planned

to go black thunder.

We bought 2 Tickets for Rs.500 each and went inside, there we found

two jokers who welcomed us, we took some funny snaps with them, then we

went inside the theme park gate, there we went to dressing room for changing

our dress for playing in water games. we all return with dress changed and starts

playing water games, we went to ice-cream parlour which were inside the theme

park feels amazing playing in water games had lots of fun, at 1:15pm we went

to restaurant for lunch, had a delicious non – veg foods and some fresh juice

then we start playing dry games in black thunder, we enjoyed lots of dry games

,then the waves games, it was really awesome and its exactly feels like playing

in seashore with the waves sound effects and other games such as throwing

ring on the boxes or gifts, balloon shooting games etc, at 6:00pm we changed

our dress and refresh with coffee and some snacks. We start our journey

towards ooty by cab, at 9.30 pm reached Ooty Hotel Preethi Classic tower,

already we booked room for five days stay,we got keys from the reception and

went inside our room and did a intercom call to the restaurant to order our

dinner, we refresh our self at the same time our ordered food received ,we had

well and slept.

The next day we planned  to visit Sim’s park it was just 2 km from

coonoor town, the park gives a colourful surrounding with varieties of

colourful flowers, then we move to dolphins nose birds view point, it looks so

deep hill view point , there we saw rare and colourful birds and also bought

some colourful caps to play the cap throwing game with my princess , then we

moving to Rallia dam we saw high field teaplantation and visit tea factory ,buy

some delicious tea and coffee powder with different flavour at factory outlet, we

went to nearby hotel for lunch at 2pm, then we plan to visit hidden valley, it is a

broad waterfalls where we can sit, play, wet in falling chill water and then we

went to st.catherine falls it was pleasant to hear water falling sounds and we

went to lambs rock there to saw many birds sound, and we went to dolphin nose

a deep valley view point looks like dolphins nose, at 6:30 pm we went to Coffee

Day coffee shop had hot coffee and snack from there we return back to our

hotel at 8pm and went restaurant for dinner ,had finished our dinner went room

feels as sleep.

The next day morning ,we wake up in the morning ,ordered coffee we

both had a good coffee ,we get ready and had our breakfast at 9ck at our hotel

resort ,we planned to visit Botanical garden gives the pride of The Queen of

Hills with colourful blossoms ,lots of different variety gives us visual treat. It

was really amazing season with little drizzling and slight sunshine, there we

took lots of beautiful snaps with my family in botanical garden, we spend some

time and played with our kid and then we move to Rose garden at 11:30 am,

each and every rose with colourful petals. there we took lots of snaps with my

cute princess and beautiful roses.

Then we went to our hotel had our lunch, took rest for sometimes at

evening we get ready we reached Ooty Lake at 4:30 pm and then took 2tickets

and went boating, it was covered with all the four side with large trees and

shrubs . then we went boat ride at 6 pm it was so fun enjoying with my family,

having some hot snacks and chocolate coffee, we came out of lake, we saw

horse ride, we send our daughter for an ride it is so special in Ooty and finally

we return back to our hotel at 9 pm had our dinner and we feels so tired and we

went to bed.

The next day we planned our trip to Pykara through golf club way and we

start our journey towards Pykara, at 7:30 am we reached Thalakuntha there we

saw many horses eating grass. At 8:15 am we reached 6 th  mile, we had coffee

and Varkkey in the roadside hotel, at 9am we reach shooting spot there we had

our breakfast in a hotel then at 9:40am we reach Pykara at 10:15am ,from there

we went to waterfalls, we took lots of snaps ,it was very beautiful to see the site

scenes around the hills and the waterfalls, but we are not allowed to go near the

waterfalls, it was a good serene location, then we went to Pykara boat house

took tickets start our boat ride at 11:40.

we went to restaurant near by 2 pm had our lunch and we started our

sightseeing to shooting spot there we saw horse ride and we went for an horse

ride alone with our cute princess ,we had lots of fun ,then we went to top of the

view point ,we took lots of photos were the photographer who is giving the

photo prints immediately ,it was the real serene location for shooting. At 4:00

pm we start moving towards Ooty, we reach Ooty at 5:15 pm we planned to

visit Dodabetta, we reached Doddbeta peak at 5:50pm, and it is a highest

mountain in the Nilgiri peak. Just 9 km from ooty, there is telescope house, in

which we can see the full view of beautiful “Queen of Hills” very pretty Ooty

through telescope, from there we return ooty reached our hotel at 8:30pm.had

our dinner at restaurant and went to bed.

The next day we planned to visit Emerald so in the morning we ordered

breakfast and had, then we start towards emerald, at 9 am we reached there ,it

was too chill climate with drizzling ,but it was a good serene location where the

weather so chilled and pleasant to look over the greeny misted hills ,we starts

towards emerald dam at 9:30 am we got permission and went inside the EB area

and sightseeing but there we are not able to take pictures, its prohibited in the

dam area, from there we went to Emerald Lke, it was an amazing shooting spot

and from there we went to avalanche lake ,such a wonderful area went near the

lake took lots of snaps and also we played in the water but feels good to spend

some time there, from there we went to Kamaraj Sagar dam, it was build in

British period in India.

Nearby hotel we had our lunch, then we return to Ooty ,by 4:30 pm we

reach stone house, it was first building construct in the period of British rule ,

now it was the residence of govt art college principle and from there we went

Thodas temple ,it was nearby stone house just a walkable distance, it was very

ancient temple build by Thoda tribes, the people who reside at Ooty hills,and

we get a chance to watch their traditional dance took snaps with them, the

people’s were so friendly but then we can’t understand their language still good

to hear the language ,then we move from there to our hotel the time was nearly

9 pm, went room ,refresh our self and ordered our food ,had well ,we are so

tired ,slept well.

The next day morning 8:30 am, we wake up, get ready, we had our

breakfast in the restaurant, and checkout our room return trip to Coimbatore by

car. The Trip was Amazing my princess loved to stay at Ooty, that much we

really enjoyed the climate, food and sightseeing.

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