Coimbatore To Kotagiri

“Not Road is Too Long, when you have a Good Company”, That was Such a Trilling solo Ride with my Bike and 7D Camera, I Start up my drive towards Kotagiri in the Early Morning 4 am from Coimbatore, I can Feel Cool Breeze with Slight Drizzling, but I can feel warm inside Because I covered myself with Jacket,when I  Yawn I can see a fog out of my mouth. At 4:30 am, I reached Mettupalayam, I fill my bike with fuel, went to a coffee shop nearby road side, had a coffee and spend some time there.

I start my drive ,I reach kallar river ,I stop my bike in the road side ,took my camera and get down into the river ,that was the morning and I removed my shoes near the river side ,I taped my feet’s in the Chill water and I took some water with my both hands pour into my face, wow that was an Real refreshment, then I started lessening into the birds Rhythm, can also find some rare birds took lots of Beautiful snaps ,I wear my shoes and i moved inside the Betel Nuts Tree  Farm, took some cute snaps, then I went inside the farm ,I saw Banana Field there I saw some monkeys plucking the Banana Fruit and having it..I took snaps of them, and then return back to where I stopped my bike and I start driving towards Mettupalayam to drive Ooty via Kotagiri

I arrive Mettupalayam I stopped my bike near a hotel and finish my breakfast, at 8 am i drive to kotagiri on my way back to the foot hills i saw a river flowing to my right to left, then I realise that was the Bavani River Which flows towards Sathyamangalam ,I took long sight snaps and also I took the hair pins that I passes through, then i drive to kotagiri .

on my way I saw a high field Tea and Coffee Plantation ,I stopped my bike at the Estate and get down with my camera and stand in the middle of the estate took lots of pictures, even i saw some wages plucking the tea leaves ,I spoken with them ,they are the people’s who speak the Ooty language Baduga. I request them to dance for a Baduga Song which I have in my Handset, they too agree and start dancing ,i took them lots of snaps ,a person near me got my camera and asked me to dance with them, i really enjoyed a lot ,had lots of fun and that was one of a sweat memory in my life, I took of a fine tea with them and they gave me some coffee fruit ,that the fruit socked in sugar syrup will be used for garnishing of cakes, Kids usually love to have that called as Cherry .

From there I moved to  st.catherine falls ,I  got the rangers permission ,because one of my friend Relative working there so I went to deep inside Wild rock , The double-cascaded waterfall, it was pleasant to hear water falling sounds has a scenic charm. The full view of these falls could be taken from the

Dolphin’s nose. Catherine Falls are at a height of about 250 feet above sea level. The rainfalls enhance the beauty of the falls by making them more pure.there i saw some cute colourful birds with Sweat sound, i took lots of snap,from there i moved to Rangaswamy Peak & Pillar ,i took photos of Dodabetta outlook and after my lunch.

I drive to Elk falls which is also named as Uyilathi waterfalls is located 7 km away from kotagiri. A lofty falls with patter water which shower downstream gives the amazing scenario and surrounds with blossom green tea and coffee plantations and overnight stay at Tea Resort and at the morning after my breakfast, i drive towards to Coimbatore.


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