Cochin to Munnar : Travellersmike

A travel from Cochin to Munnar will be an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the beautiful climate of high ranges of Idukki,on the way Cochin to Munnar. In Cochin, we experience the hot climate, but while travelling from Cochin to Munnar, we feel the climate change from Neriamangalam, about 13 Kms from Cochin.  There is a beautiful waterfall on the way Cochin to Munnar, the Cheeyappara waterfalls. It is the very first attraction while we cross the Ernakulam Idukki ditrict boundary.  Hundreds of travellers stop there to see the beauty of the nature and the Cheeyappara water falls. There are a number of fruit shops, craft shops, tea shop etc on this high way – Cochin to Munnar. Its a fresh up point for travellers who travel through this Cochin to Munnar road. Admali is the next town for the travellers, just 30 Kms on the way Cochn to Munnar. Only take less than one hour drive to reach Munnar from Adimali. From Karadippara view point, we feel the exact climate change like Munnar. Karadippara is a beautiful view point while we drive from Cochin to Munnar.

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