Cabs rental Munnar

Type of Car Calculating Per Day Extra Kilometers Booking
Indica Non/Ac 
Rs.10/- per Km
Indica A/c 
Rs.11/- Per Km
Indigo Non /A/c 
Rs.1600-Max 100kms
Indigo A/c
Rs.12/- per Km
Swift Desir/ Eidos Rs1800/-Max 100kms Rs12-per km
Swift Desir/Eidos Rs1900/-Max100kms Rs13-Perkm
Tavera Non A/c
Rs.13/- per Km
Tavera A/c 
Rs.14/- per Km
Innova A/c 
Rs.2200/-Max100 kms
Rs.15/- per Km
12 Seater Tempo Traveler Non A/c
Rs.16/-per km
12 Seater Tempo Traveler A/c Rs.3500/-Max100Kms Rs.18-per km
17 Seater Tempo Traveler Non A/c
Rs 3500/-Max100Kms
Rs.18/- per Km
17 Seater Tempo Traveler A/c Rs.4000/-Max100kms Rs.19/-perkm
22 Seater Tempo Travellor  Non A/c Rs4500/-max 100kms Rs21/- Per km
22 Seater Tempo Travellor A/c Rs5500/-Max100kms Rs23/-perkm
26 Seater Bus Non A/c Rs.6000/-Max100Kms Rs23/-per km
26 Seater  Bus A/c Rs6500/- Max100Kms Rs25/- per km
35 Seater Bus  Bush Back Rs.8000/-Max100Kms Rs.26/-PerKm
35 Seater Bus  Bush Back A/c Rs.9000/- max100kms Rs.28/-per Km
49 Seater Bus  Bush Back Rs.9000/-Max100Kms Rs35/perkm
49 Seater Bus Bush Back  A/c Rs9800/- max100Kms Rs.40/-Per Km

Cost Inclusive Of Driver Batta /Toll/Parking/Fuel Charge/Road Tax and All ApplicableTax                A/c and Non A/c  Version of Car Rentals

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