Banglore to ooty

I am goanna share my wonderful trip to Ooty. The tour was with

my family. Ooty is a place located at 7350 ft above sea level. We are

from Bangalore. We planned to start our journey by car but the

weather was not comfortable and family members prefer to start our

journey by bus. We reached Ooty by Mayura Fly Bus. We planned

our journey for 2-days and 2-nights in Ooty. we are very excited and

happy about Ooty, that was the first time for us to visit Ooty in the

Month of October The Monsoon Season End .before that we visit at

the Season time, That too at Famous Ooty Flower Exhibition Time,

we reached Ooty at the time Early morning 6:30AM .Ooty is lovely

called as “Queen Of Hills” that’s Because of the Hills surrounded

with greeny Tall Trees and Lush with Beautiful Serene location, we

got the cab from Tour Operator suggested by one of my friend. Who

working at Ooty .we hired cab for whole our journey, driver was so

comfortable for us. He shared some interesting stories about Ooty old

names and Traditional and Culture of Toda Tribes and what are the

places we need to visit.

The way to Coonoor from Ooty was such great

experience because all sets in great view. Coonoor is located just

19km from Ooty .the way to Coonoor,the hills are quite comfortable

for drivers. Each and every bends are very exciting and gave very

thrilling moments.we had a special tea from roadside shop. The tea

gave as a warm Feel and we decide to have breakfast…we went an

restaurant near to coonoor ate breakfast, that was good,.we planned to

move to hotel, but our driver suggested that at coonoor two major site

seeing park which is just 10 min travel, Sim’s park is just 2 km from

coonoor, we are accepted the driver’s suggestion .The Park gives us

colorful environment with varieties of flowers; it extends over an area

of 12 hectares. We really enjoy the colorful treat, took lots of snaps

with my family members as well as with our driver.Dolphin’s nose

birds view point, it looks so deep hill view point, and there we buy

some colourful caps to play the cap throwing game and after that we

move to hotel had our lunch.we first went to St.Catherine Falls

waterfalls the place which is fully covered by lush green and much

quite comfortable.the place was located in the middle of wild of forest

on the way to falls we can able to saw more deers  and snakes,rare

species of birds.The place can also make us photographers.we took

many photos.these are also the great memories in our life.we ate lot of

snackes which are we didn’t ate before.after spending few time we

went to some distance in that forest without my family. Myself and

driver went a little walk and return back .still then my 10 year kid,My

Wife and others playing volley ball in a small play area,we had a

wonderful walk in  that forest with the camera and took many snaps

of nature and most de lightful  photos.after spending  few hours we

went to  Lamb’s Rock the place also quite similar to Dolphin’s nose.

We all are interesting to stay there for sometime, because it was chill

climate with slight drizzling was not much rainy. From there we visit

Rallia dam is a trek in the deep forest leads to most serene location,

we can see high field tea Plantations and tea factory, the Dam water

was pure drinking water and can also visit some rare animals and

birds .At 7pm we reached our hotel in connoor, we booked rooms for

1 days and 1 night .the hotel name is Tea Nest Resort, it was 5 km

away from connoor town, it is situated in the middle of tea plantation,

our driver reference .the resort was really comfortable with cost and

facility .room and food good they arranged our room very quickly, we

got our room And we orered our food at our room and had and took

The next day we started to enjoy our trip in Ooty. We had our

breakfast at our resort and first we planned to visit Ooty botanical

garden, Ooty Lake, shooting point and upper bhavani .first we started

from Ooty botanical garden. The garden which has 22 acres of area

holds for that garden. In the garden rare species of plantations and

flowers took some unforgettable photos,

There we can saw plenty variety of roses too. If u come to botanical

garden u can defiantly excited about beauty of nature of “Queen of

Hills”. our children were enjoying a lot. After spending few hours, we

had our lunch from hotel nearby garden. After that we planned to visit

ooty lake, we went ooty lake that was large and make us very cool.

We went for a boat ride with my family about one hour the experience

was entirely different. In boating we took more beauty of nature

photography .Nearby the Ooty Lake, horse riding is available our

children went to horse ride. The chillness was high at the time of 5:00

pm itself. Boating gives us a great Experience, we moved to upper

bhavani lake,it was a famous lake . We can able to see wolfs and

deer’s etc,but we didn’t saw any animals in upper bhavani ,the view

of the lake was wonderful and also we able to see the hills which are

connected with the lake, the view was entirely unique from other

lakes.and we went to golf club , there our kids play about an hour at

that time we took rest and saw my children how they enjoying that

was nice feeling for us. After that we went to shooting point, the place

which has lush green surface for long distance, there was a film

shootingsis going on we all went near and watch the shooting for

sometimes , that’s the reason the peoples of ooty named the place as

shooting point. It was real entertainment for myself,our childrens and

for my family members ,they enjoyed a lot ,that was an also picnic

spot for school and college students of ooty. We were so tired that’s

why we went hotel little earlier, had our dinner and slept well.

The Next Day Our driver was being on time, we packed our

baggeges and checkout our room ,handover the keys in the reception ,

we first planned to visit mudumalai wildlife sanctuary, and the way to

sanctuary we went to emrald lake, the place was best for picnic,

which has plenty of lush greens and mounded by various plant

species. Lake is fully covered by various views and here main

attraction is boating. There numerous emrald lake is also famous for

shooting spot. There we went a small hotel nearby had our breakfast

and Then we moved mudumalai ,the way was very quiet in

mudumalai wildlife sanctuary famous for elephants there we can able

to saw plenty of elephants. It gave real trekking experience for us

there also they are providing elephant safari around the forest. That

was real happy for child. Whenever I came here I move into forest by

walk in some distance but with family that was not comfortable for

me,we spent out time up to afternoon in mudumalai wildlife

sanctuary. After completing our lunch we moved to rajiv Gandhi

national park and mukurthi national park.actually these places are

very good to trekking. We moved to rajiv Gandhi national park, the

place which is fully covered by lush green surface and plenty of plant

species. We just visit that place and went surround rajiv Gandhi

national park by cab .Mukurthi national park is similar to Rajiv

Gandhi national park. The place is very good to trekking.On the way

we saw bandipur national park the place which has more animal

species like monkey,deers,tiger,wolf etc.The place which is located in

between western ghats and nilgris hill.the views are speaking more

than all other beauty. After spending few hours our driver droped us

at Gundelpet ,from there we took Fly Bus towards Bangalore ,That

was an Worderful Family Trip to Hills Station in The Monsoon End .

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  1. Well, thanks for sharing your beautiful experience with us. Anyone can know by reading your article that you had enjoyed alot. Ooty, is a renowned hill station in South India, is really a great place to visit. The beauty of this place breath taking scenery, interesting wildlife and exciting recreational activities; hence entices the travellers from far and wide. Recently I had visited another famous place Fever Pitch Basecamp, Bangalore’s First and only Jungle; adventure Campsite near Magadi, 38 km from Bangalore city. It is one of the best places for outing.

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