An Amazing I.V Trip

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I wanna a share you My I .V Trip to Chennai, Basically am Coimbatorian  , Pursuing M.C.A in a Engineering College ,we planned for a Industrial Visit through a Tour operators ,our Trip was just 3 Days ,

Friday night at 7 pm we all reached our college camps, before our journey starts at 10 pm we did a small pray moved towards Chennai via


Coimbatore-> Erode->Salem->Vellore->Thiruvallur->Chennai

While the bus starts our driver played some D.J songs, all of us started enjoy by dancing, clapping and hearing the music.The  next day morning 8 pm we reach Thiruvallur ,our bus stop at a hotel booked rooms for one day , we all refresh and return to restaurant  and had a our breakfast there ,from there we went to a I.T Company which located in Tiruvallur ,we all went inside to a conference hall ,there they took a seminar class which related to our subject and they took us into a practical session,after an Hour ,we  all taken to pantry for tea and snacks, there we took some group photos, we drive to our restaurant had a good south Indian lunch with some sweats ,ice cream and fruit salad.


we took rest for some time and at evening 4 pm start drive towards Chennai Besannagar Beach ,our bus parked at parking area ,there we went to a coffee shop had coffee and we move inside the Sea Shore started playing in Beach with our friend ,holding the hands all together and enjoyed the Beach Waves, That was Really Amazing with Cool Breeze the Sky Turn into dark but still we contained playing in beach ,Myself and three friends went to a nearby corn selling shop and buy each one Roasted spicy corn ,it was really yummy after spending an hour ,we drive to Mahapaliburam ,our staffs took us to the Beach Resort,In Mahabalipuram there are no of Beach resorts feels amazing on evening time with Cool Breeze. And also we can see lots of Sculptural shops nearby the Resorts, Sculptural is an Art of Intelligent, and it is lost a lot longer than a Painting.

There we booked  rooms for one night and One day ,we all reached our room , when we stepped into our room ,we could found half kg sand in each of our dress ,so we decide to take a shower at the night time, then we all reached down to the Restaurant had our dinner, all feels so tired so went bed, Early morning 6 am ,we wakeup ,get ready for the site seeing at Mahapaliburam,


Mahabalipuram-Ancient Articheture and Sculptural Town, Actually the Sculptural are too costly at the shops which located in Mahabalipuram ,It was one of the Tourist attraction and also the food items in the resorts are too costly, we personally feels the reason behind this must be the tourist all over the world visiting Mahabalipuram, and the ratio of Tourist to visiting Mahabalipuram is more comparing to other region in South India.

The Mahabalipuram Beach also called as Mamallapuram Beach and we all move to the seashore, It is a Temple for Lord Siva, There we can found a photographer near the beach, who gives the Photo prints Immediately we all took a some group photos and we visit sea shore temple which located inside the beach, that would be a sweat memories in our life.


After our lunch we drive in to Pancha Rathas It is an stone monument related to Mahabharata Epic (Panja Pandavas in Tamil) five chariots of Pandavas, of the Draupadi heroin of Mahabharata, Arjuna, Bhima, Dharmaraja and Nakula Sahadeva, It was created by Indian Rock –Cut Articheture. Each monolith is a craved by single Rock stone, from there we moved to The Descent of the Ganga, finally the Tiger Cave, we all stated taking photos in front of the cave ,There we can find a Large Tiger Head present as a crown of the Cave it is a one of the Picnic Spot, and also many movies shooting spot after our snack and coffee we all packed our luggage’s and moved towards Chennai and overnight stayed at hotel nearby M.G.M.

The Next Day Morning ,we get ready to have lots of fun at M.G.M Theme park  .The chennai Town is connected by Road to M.G.M Theme Park it’s just 25 min travel via Road. We buy Tickets in the Ticket Counter for Rs.500 inside the theme park there is a food court in that there is an ice – cream Parlous and Restaurant.

We have separate changing rooms for ladies and gents, we changed our dresses and started playing water games, also there we have lots of dry games can have lots of  fun, then the waves games, it was really awesome to hear the beach sound and effects, its exactly feels like playing in seashore, finally the shower with music that also an amazing game After our lunch went to Waterfalls game ,each and every games give lots of  fun, entertainment and Refreshment.

The other dry games such as throwing ring on the boxes or gifts, balloon shooting games, Sitting on the Top of Bull games etc., it is a Best Picnic spot for school students and college students from there we drive to Pondicherry and overnight stay ,booked rooms for a one day. We reached our hotel had our dinner felt as sleep.

The next day we planned to visit Pondicherry, so after our breakfast we drive towards Pondicherry Promenade Beach, That was really wonderful, the beach sea shore filled with large size rocks, we had lots of fun and took some beautiful snaps, buy some snacks had and then we went to Botanical garden French War Memorial and we visit ambedkar  manimadapam, after our lunch did lots of Shopping ,Because it is a Tax Free state in India ,we can buy whatever we want with very lowest price. We really Enjoy having our lunch with sea foods, again did lots of shopping. At evening we went to beach, Near the sea shore we can found lots of small shops selling some sea Ornaments and also name writing in Rice and Key Chains, it’s really wonderful gift to give our beloved once.


After our dinner we return back to our hotel packed our things and drive towards Coimbatore, in-between our return journey our driver stopped our bus for fuel, there we went for rest rooms, the next day morning we reached Coimbatore, that was a Unforgettable Trip with my friends..!







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