Mahabalipuram – Ancient Articheture and Sculptural Town

Mahabalipuram   was the wide Sea Port of Palavas in 8th Century. The Narasimavarma Craved to during the region of King Mamalla, so it is called as Mahabalipuram and it is recognized as Historical Architecture and Sculptural in South India.

Mahabalipuram is a town in Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu State.  It often visited by the tourist all over the world to appreciate the Ancient architecture and Sculptural, It is a popular Town Kanchipuram district for its Architecture beauty attracts tourists and popular in summer destination.

Mahabalipuaram Beach Resorts:

In Mahabalipuram there are no of Beach resorts feels amazing on evening time with Cool Breeze. And also we can see lots of Sculptural shops nearby the Resorts, Sculptural is an Art of Intelligent, and it is lost a lot longer than a Painting.

Actually the Sculptural are too costly at the shops which located in Mahabalipuram and also the food items in the resorts are too costly, we personally feels the reason behind this must be the tourist all over the world visiting Mahabalipuram, and the ratio of Tourist to visiting Mahabalipuram is more comparing to other region in South India.      8

The Mahabalipuram Beach also called as Mamallapuram Beach and we can move to the seashore, we can found photographer near the beach and shore temple ,we can take photography ,who is giving the photos print immediately, that too in the beach ,that will be a sweat memories in our life.

Near the sea shore we can found lots of small shops selling some sea Ornaments and  also name writing in Rice and Key Chains,it’s really wonderful gift to give our beloved onces

M.G.M Theme Park:

The Town is connected by Road, and from Mahabalipuram to M.G.M Theme Park it’s just 25 min travel via Road. We buy Tickets in the Ticket Counter for Rs.500 inside the theme park there is a food court in that there is an ice – cream Parlors and Restaurant.


We have separate changing rooms for ladies and gents to play in water games, also there we have lots of dry games can have lots of  fun, then the waves games, it was really awesome to hear the beach sound and effects, its exactly feels like playing in seashore .

The other dry games such as throwing ring on the boxes or gifts, balloon shooting games etc., it is a Best Picnic spot for school students and college students.


It is a heritage centre or a Traditional, Ancient Art & Craft of our South India Articheture and Sculptural and culture programs done by the carnatic musical Artist.It is good to see our Traditional Programs.

The Shore Temple:

It is a Temple of Lord Shiva, it located in the beach Sea Shore of Mahabalipuram, and it is also a famous tourist spot in all the seasons, Articheture beauty attracts tourists and popular in all season destinations, it is a Historical Sculptural in South India.1


The Pancha Pandava Mundabam:

There we can found Pancha Rathas It is a stone monument related to Mahabharata Epic (Panja Pandavas in Tamil) five chariots of Pandavas, of the Draupadi heroin of Mahabharata, Arjuna, Bhima, Dharmaraja and Nakula Sahadeva, It was created by Indian Rock –Cut Articheture. Each monolith is a craved by single Rock stone.


The Descent of the Ganga:

It is a Relief- Sculptural; it represents the celebrated myth of the descent of the river Ganga from the Heaven of Earth. The Great Penance is craved a giant rock 27 meter width and 9 meter height, it was craved during the Pallava King Mahendra Varman.


The Tiger Cave:

It is a Cave with a tiger structure in the crown of the cave, it craved as a tiger living in the cave and also craved tiger heads around the temple, it is a Best Picnic spot for school students and college students.

The Tiger Cave maintained and it is a responsibility of the Archaeological Survey of India, The spot is developed my small hillocks, rocks, shrubs, green grasses around the tiger cave and the surroundings.



The Thirukalmallai Temple:

                        It is located in Mahabalipuaram sea shore and it was craved by single stone rock architecture, it was craved during the Pallava King Mahendra Varman.


Nearby there is a Krishna Mandapam where we can see 8 feet long Sculpture of Lord Krishna and Gopalan getting Milk from Cow. There we can found two tall rocks in that the craved Sculpture cat to elephant , Devas , Rishies ,Lord Shiva, Pusupa  Asthara and cat in the form of tapas and rats around it .



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